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Living Terricited!

terrifiedWhat if I told you that every day should be a little terrifying.  What if I told you that if you aren’t walking through your life of faith a little nervous then you aren’t living at all.  The problem with both of those statements is that they make us UNCOMFORTABLE.  Something that most people in the western community of faith don’t like to hear.  I mean we want to be comfortable in our chairs, we want to be comfortable with our coffee, we want to be comfortable in our groups, we just plain want to be comfortable.

Well when my family and I felt that God was leading us to start a church in Colorado we all came up with our own word, “Terricited”. Because every day we were terrified and we were excited at the same time.  We were terrified that we were to move back to Colorado a place where I grew up and not as a follower of Jesus. (Dealing with your Past) But excited to be able to share with those same people about how my life has been drastically changed because of Jesus.  We were terrified that we didn’t have a place to live and we were struggling to find a place.  But we were excited about getting a place that would be a home base for raising our kids as the graduated from high school.  We were terrified because I had never been the lead pastor of a church, but I was excited because I had never been the lead pastor of a church.  In the New Testament you can read:

Mark 10:32a (NLT) 32 They were now on the way up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking ahead of them. The disciples were filled with awe, and the people following behind were overwhelmed with fear.

The people that were walking with Jesus the son of God in flesh, were in awe of what was going on were also overwhelmed with fear.  What does that mean? They were “terricited”!  So let me ask you this, where in your life are you terricited?  Where are you experiencing the awe of Jesus and the overwhelming fear where you need to see him show up?  Where are you terricited?  Because honestly I think that more and more of us need to be less comfortable and more terricited.  Let’s take some time this week to start getting a little TERRICITED.



Feed The Leader

I know that in many places that leadership and leadership development can be an area of conflict. I know that especially when it comes to the church people can really get touchy about it. But over the last 4 years as we have been starting a church I have learned that if you don’t feed the leader then things go bad quickly. Especially when you are the one that everyone expects to be the leader. So I am really challenging myself to be a leader that is focused on feeding myself when it comes to becoming a better leader.

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Bill Hybels

 I want to be a leader that is getting better so that people around me are getting better. So there are some things that I am doing intentionally to get better:

  • Reading the bible from the perspective of how will this make me better as a husband, father, and leader.
  • Listening to leaders from different areas of leadership. Business, art, marketing so that I can start to think as a leader differently.
  • Reading books that influence my ability to grow others around me. I recently read the book “Protégé” by Steve Saccone and it rocked my world.
  • Meeting with leaders that are better then me and that are steps ahead of me when it comes to being a better husband, father, and church leader.

What I want to remind you is that, “Everyone is a leader somewhere”. So what are you doing to feed yourself to be a better leader? Because everyone wins when a leader gets better!

The book about developing leaders around you.

The book about developing leaders around you.

Walking through the Aurora Theater Weekend

Where the Aurora Theater shootings occured

As this last weekend has been a blur of action and emotion for the city of Aurora.  I am taking the next couple of days to get my thoughts together. It is my hope for the next couple of weeks to share what I have experienced and seen.  It is an opportunity to share from the perspective of a father, community member, and as a pastor.  I pray that over the next couple of weeks we will walk together and experience this tragedy in a way that helps us learn in many different ways.  Keep praying for the community and the families that have been hit so hard through loss and injury.

What were you doing when you heard about the Aurora Theater shootings?

UFC Fighting and Man

Here is a unique video where Pastor Mark Driscoll talks about MMA and how it equates to the everyday man.  If you know me at all then you know exactly what I think about what Pastor Mark says.  But I am curious to what some of you think.  Share your thoughts and comments below.


Mark Batterson “Primal” Blog Tour

Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of reading the books that Mark Batterson has written.  It was also my pleasure to be able to listen to him share about the amazing things that God has been doing in the church that he pastors in Washington D.C. at a seminar for church starting at “Exponential”.  Each time I have cracked the pages of one of his books I have be fortunate to learn something new about God, have a great time doing it, and been challenged to step out on faith.  It was through reading the book “Wild Goose Chase” that God spoke to my wife about starting a church.  It was through the reading the book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy day”  that we as a family felt the spirit speaking to us as a family to set life goals and take the fight to this life that God has given us.  In his newest book “Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity”  I have been impacted beyond my anticipation. In this book there is a great gathering of the historical, the biblical, the analytical, and the creative.

“Have you ever noticed how many times Psalms tells us to sing a new song? That creative command is repeated no fewer than half a dozen times.  Evidently God gets tired of old songs.  He doesn’t just want you to worship Him with your memory; He doesn’t just want you  to worship Him with your memory; He wants you to worship Him with your imagination. Love isn’t repetitive, Love is creative. As love grows you need new lyrics and new melodies. You need a new song to express new dimensions of love.  If you tell your wife that you love her the same way over and over again, she may stop believing you at some point. Why? Because your words are an expression of memory instead of an expression of imagination. It’s half-hearted because it is half minded”                                                                                            Mark Batterson “Ritual” pgs 110 – 111

I think that this is a book for everyone that calls themselves a follower of Jesus should read.  It pushes and prods in ways that enables you to really grasp some old areas of faith in new ways.  This will be a book that I read as well as my whole family, this is a book that I am excited to say has as much of my ink in it from marks and high lights as what the book originally came with when it was printed. Take the time this Christmas season to share with those around you a great expression of what it means to follow Jesus in some new ways.  LET’S GO PRIMAL!

Reflections on Sunday

Yesterday was the last Sunday that we as the Bloyer family would be serving at Northgate Christian Fellowship.  It was very bittersweet.  We have been so blessed to have been a part of this church for the last two and a half years both as a staff member and as a church member.  Through all this time we have been able to see God do amazing things.  Students not just attending at a church but leading and serving in the church.  Students that have taken steps of faith with Jesus with over thirty of them getting baptized.  Parents recognizing the need to be the spiritual leaders in the lives of their kids.  Fathers dedicating to restore the relationships that have with their kids and their wives.

It is amazing to me that I am amazed at what God does.  But this is what God does the amazing! So I thank God and the people of Northgate for allowing us to be a part of something amazing.  I know that even now God is preparing the church and it’s people to do something even more amazing then we have been a part of in the last two years.  It has been my pleasure to serve with the staff of Northgate and watch their blood sweat and tears when it comes to not just talking about church but being the church.

I personally want to thank Pastor Ken Jensen for his support and leadership as we have walked through the last two years.  I also have been blessed with his encouragement as we embark on this journey into starting a church.  Much like he did nineteen years ago in his living room.  I have appreciated his care and concern for our family and the church that God is bringing together in Colorado.

As we leave to start a new journey in Colorado we take with us the friends and family that God has placed in our hearts and lives from Northgate.  Thank you Northgate we love you.

Building the Lead Team

“The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.” by Knute Rockne

This is a quote that I have had on my desk top for the last couple of weeks.  I believe that this is a quote that I think that many church leaders really need to chew on for awhile.  Unfortunately I believe that many people see the pastor of the church as the paid player in the game and that he is the one to get everything done.  This is why I believe that so many churches are struggling to reach the people that are already attending their churches.  So I think that we need to get back to some basics, we need to work together as a team we need to delegate off to capable leaders to work together so that people would be able to feel loved and cared for in the body of Christ, the church.  We need to play the best players that God has provided to us as the church team.

Why do I say this?  I say this because Moses experienced the same thing and was given some amazing advice from his father in-law.

Exodus 18:19-21 (NLT) Now let me give you a word of advice, and may God be with you. You should continue to be the people’s representative before God, bringing him their questions to be decided. [20] You should tell them God’s decisions, teach them God’s laws and instructions, and show them how to conduct their lives. [21] But find some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as judges over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten.

The question that I have for you as a leader is: “What are you doing to prepare the men around you to shoulder the load for taking care of Gods people?”  We need to be able to identify the leaders that we have and get them into the game to get them into the place where they can lead more people in a growing relationship with Jesus.  How are you building the team?