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Live Like Austin Day

Live Like Austin DayIn the middle of all of the chaos and darkness of the last couple of weeks with the rain and flooding in Colorado there is a bright spot.  This weekend the UNC Football Team is hosting the “Live Like Austin Day”.  This is going to be a day where the University of Northern Colorado and it’s students take the time to support a terminally ill young man named Austin Ervin. If you are unfamiliar with the story then let me share with you how this all got started last spring.

Elevation Church  last April took a step of faith and made it possible to let Kurt and Austin have a great father and son weekend.  So we covered the flight, hotel, and food but there were much bigger plans that we did not foresee.  During that weekend Kurt and Austin were able to experience some amazing things like:

  • Denver Zoo had Austin feed the giraffe’s and have a great day.
  • 710 KNUS had Kurt and Austin on the morning show at the time Kelly & Company.
  • The Denver Bronco’s gave them a tour of Dove Valley and shared with them some special places and items.
  • The Movie Tavern gave them dinner and a movie. GI JOE yep a boys night out.
  • The Doubletree gave them a special stay. Awesome staff there.
  • The Grudge Fight Team and Gym had them hang out and spar with some of the UFC and MMA fighters that train there.
  • The UNC Football Team had them up for an amazing day, to be honest to much happened for me to share with this little space. So check out this video:


You see the University of Northern Colorado and their football team are having a “Live Like Austin Day”.  Through this young man the football team has found inspiration and encouragement as they go through this season.  So with all that in mind they are going to be using this day to help further the cause of the Austin Ervin Foundation.  A foundation that was created to encourage and help families that have children that are living with being terminally ill. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this weekend then make sure that you check out my Facebook page.  You can also make sure that you get the blog updates by signing up on this page. You also will be encouraged to follow the hash tag #LIVELIKEAUSTIN and follow on Twitter @LiveLikeAustinE


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