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It’s not About What gets Done.

TeachOver the last 10 weeks I have been working with about 20 guys when it comes to our Spiritual Fitness Process at Elevation.  It has been an amazing opportunity for these guys to get to know one another and for them to get to know what it means to be a follower of Jesus that makes followers of Jesus.  So one of the recent weeks we began to talk about what is most important when it comes to helping people volunteer and work together as the church.  It was a conversation that you could tell was creating energy in the room and was really starting to gain ground in each of the guys minds.  So for me being a visual learner I started putting what they were talking about to a graph on the wipe board. (The Picture Above)  When we were done this is what was fleshed out.

Now here is the thing.  I believe that what we walked away writing out does not just pertain to a church community but to business as well.  Here are the bullet points to the idea that we came up with:

  • Most leaders are Baby Boomers or Gen X. so they are looking for tasks to be completed.  Is the job getting done?
  • Most Millennial’s or Generation Z (See this book.) would be looking for a relationship to happen with the person they are working with. Are we working together?
  • So what we said was that if the job is not getting done, then the leader is going to get frustrated.  If there is no relationship then the follower is going to get frustrated.
  • The big idea for both to grow is that there is supposed to be talking/teaching while the tasks are being completed.  (The idea: you watch, I do, we talk.)
  • Then the leader and the follower grow and the opportunity for business or church growth happens as well.

What are your thoughts about the idea? What do you think is missing? Where do you feel the most frustration as a leader and as a follower?


Look in the parking lot?

So this weekend I had someone invite me to come and see a car that was in our parking lot.  We walked out the front door and the person pointed out the car in the parking lot. My first thought was ok nice car but that is not the make or model that I get all fired up about, I let them know that I am a mustang kind of guy.  But then the person drew my attention to the license plate that was on the car.  There I saw what had got the attention of the individual.

Car in the lot

This is the actual license plate that was on the car. This is not fabricated or changed in any way to make this an interesting picture.  For those of you that don’t know we are a church that is in the great state of Colorado where I am a native.  A place where it is currently to legally purchase marijuana.  Now I don’t intend for this to be a place where we argue about what should be or not be legal.  We live in a state where it is legal and I have to live in that reality as a leader.  So the person that pointed out the license plate then asked me this question, “What should we do about this?”

My answer to this question was simple, “Make sure they have a great parking spot and they have a good time.” With that answer I saw a look of confusion for a minute.  But then I went on to explain what I meant.  My answer and my prayer was that this person felt comfortable enough to come and be a  part of our church so I wanted us to live out, “It’s ok to not be ok, but God doesn’t want you to stay that way.” I wanted the person that came in this car to understand that they can come here and be cared for and encouraged in their faith journey.  Then I wanted the person to know that pointed out the license plate that God is going to be the one that is going to change a life.  So we should be excited that this person was with us and hearing about the radical grace of Jesus.

We were not going to run them off because of their license plate because just down the row was another car that I knew the owner was dealing with porn, I knew that there was another car on the next row where the owner was dealing with mental illness, and I knew that there was another car on the other end of the lot that was in legal trouble.  The only thing different about this car was that their license plate was letting us know what was going on in their life.  So we were going to simply pray for this person, pray that Jesus was going to impress upon their heart about a relationship with Him, pray that this person would experience life change because of who he is and not because we pointed out their license plate.  So my encouragement to you is to look in the parking lot, look and see not the license plates but who are the people that are there to be cared for and reached with the radical grace of Jesus?  Who knows maybe you need to start with your car.








Baptism Celebration

Baptism is a celebration and it is amazing.

Baptism is a celebration and it is amazing.

So yesterday at Elevation we had a baptism celebration at Elevation.  It is one of the things that we do that amazes me that I get to be a part of.  As a church family and team over the last four and a half years we have celebrated 194 people getting baptized.  The baptisms are amazing as we see husbands, wives, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and friends baptize the people that they know have taken the step of saying yes to a relationship with Jesus.  There is nothing more amazing then watching a little boys face as he looks up at his dad after he comes out of the water.  I get emotional when I see a spouse that is getting the chance to baptize the person that they are staying with for the rest of their life and eternity.

But then you get to hear the stories of how and why they said yes to a relationship with Jesus. You get to hear about the struggle, the mess, and many times the hurt that lead them to realize their need for Jesus.  But then you also get to hear the stories of how families lead in the area of faith, about how students knew that it was what the knew they needed to do, and amazing stories of a life of faith and growth.  No story is ever the same and no baptism is every the same because of what is happening in that persons life.

What I am excited to think about though is the stories that I have yet to hear.  I am excited about the faces, the families, and the friends that we get to take pictures of baptizing those that are making their life with Jesus public. Who knows maybe you are one of the stories that we are going to get to share.

“Come & See”

Its about engaging people in a relationship

Its about engaging people in a relationship

“Engaging people with experiences that lead to life change.”

When we moved to Colorado to start Elevation it was a passion and desire in us to reach people that didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. Michelle and I had come back to a place where family, friends, classmates, and work friends were living a part from a relationship with Jesus. So from day one we knew that we had to think of how we were going to engage people with experience that lead to life change. One of the things that I have enjoyed is to see how we can follow Jesus lead in this area of our life and our church team. In the New Testament in John there is an amazing interaction with Jesus and some disciple of John the Baptist and then those disciples who began to follow Jesus and their family and friends. But here is the conversation that Jesus has at first:

39 “Come and see,” he said. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon when they went with him to the place where he was staying, and they remained with him the rest of the day.

Jesus invites these men to come and see. Come and see what? His home, his new sandals, or maybe to see his new X-Box (ok not that)? The invitation was to come and see his life. It was an engaging statement to say come and follow me personally. So many people that are followers of Jesus want to have a process or a mandate on how to reach people for Jesus. The problem with that is in the New Testament we are commissioned to go but it doesn’t necessarily say how to go or exactly what to say or even do. So what I have done is spent my time going and hanging out with people and when they ask me how my life is different or has changed then when we were in high school or college I invite them to come and see. I invite them to spend time together and walk through life together so that they can see who Jesus is in my life and how he has changed me.

I also invite them to join me at the church where I belong. Now I know there are some people that are thinking why would you do that? Church why church? For me it is to get them to see that there are other people like me that have a relationship with Jesus. It also creates the opportunity where they might see or find someone that is dealing with stuff that they are dealing with in their life. That they will get inspired by what they here and experience. It is a “Come and See” about doing life where we accept you warts and all. I am only going to be able to connect with so many people and so are you. So why not create opportunities with a church team where someone that you are in a relationship with just might connect with someone else on the church team that will take them further in their faith journey with Jesus. The goal is that people will experience life change in Jesus. Not that I have all the notches on my bible where people said a statement or made a prayer about Jesus. It is about being involved in a life long spiritual fitness plan that leads to health in a relationship with Jesus and others.

I know that there are going to be people that disagree with this idea. I know that there are going to be people that think we should be running down every street with people yelling about Jesus. That is great and it awesome that you disagree because it still doesn’t change who Jesus is and it doesn’t change that we are called to tell people about Jesus. We all have been gifted and challenged to do it differently because of who we are as a follower of Jesus. Let’s just make sure that we spend more time telling people about Jesus then telling other followers of Jesus that they are not doing it right. Because if that were the case even Phillip who after he was invited to follow Jesus would have been in trouble,

John 1:45 45 Philip went to look for Nathanael and told him, “We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about! His name is Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.” (my emphasis)

He said, “Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth” he didn’t say Jesus the Son of God. What he did is he took what he knew at the moment and he shared it with a friend because he wanted to share with his friend how Jesus had changed his life. He then says,

John 1:46b 46 . . . “Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied.

What are you doing this week to engage people where you have the opportunity to say, “Come & See”?

If you would like to see more about “Come and See” feel free to watch a talk that Scott gave at Elevation this last week. (Click Here)

Why do I love my church?

Find out what I Love My Church.

Find out what I Love My Church.

When I was in high school I have to be honest, I did not love my church I didn’t love any church. I was at a place in my life where it was not a place where I felt I was welcome or even wanted. Not because of all the people but some of the people. But when you are in high school you make some generalized assumptions about people and places. (Not that adults do that at all. SARCASM) It took some very tough situations and some very caring people to get me to the place where I realized not only that I needed the church. But, that the church actually had a need for me. That through time I realized that “I Loved The Church.”

Now for some of us I may need to make a clarification. The church is not the building and it is not about religion. It is about Jesus and the people that come together that become the church through a relationship with him and others. It is a place where imperfect people come together to follow a perfect savior, Jesus. The church is not perfect because people are involved. But it will be some day when we all get together as a huge church and stand before Jesus.

But “I Love My Church”! Not because I am a pastor and not because I am a church starter. But because I am a follower of Jesus and I love to watch the church be the church. I love to watch people receive Jesus radical grace! I love to hear about how the church is serving people not because they have to but because they want! I love to see the church love on people even when it gets messy! I love to watch the church become a group of people that are willing to lead and multiply! I love when Jesus takes a hold and does what he loves to do through imperfect people to engage people so they experience life change.

I Love My Church, because Jesus loves his church.

#Why We Eat Our Own

Mean & Nice

One of the things that I love to do is be able to share with the people around me is a good book.  Well this is not just a good book it is a great book, especially if you are involved with Christian people.

I have been involved in working with churches for almost 20 years and I can honestly say that I have seen the best and the worst.  I believe that what Mike Cheshire has written about in this book, “Why We Eat Our Own” there is still a lot for us to learn.  I want you to know that it is not just my opinion but also the one of my mother.  She read this book and continued to call me as she was impacted over and over through out this book.  I also have a guy on our staff at Elevation that has created a list of people that he is going to send this book to as well.

This point should show us that we can and should really evaluate how we are living lives of grace and mercy to the people around us.  That we need to understand that the relationships that God places in our lives will help us grow more and more like His son Jesus.  That we will be able to walk through the messes of these relationships and see that we are able to either direct or destroy people.  So I have to ask are you loving or eating the relationships up around you?

Read this book and then tell me what you think.  You can find it on Amazon or you can go to Punch First Publishing.

Gold Rush Day!

Gold Rush

What if I told you that you could meet some of the guys from the Discovery Channel TV show “Gold Rush”?  What if I told you that you could win some gold pans that were autographed by the guys from the TV show?  What if you were able to see, “How to Survive The Holidays”?

On Sunday, December 15th during the Sunday Experiences at Elevation Christian Church we are going to have with us some of the guys from “Gold Rush”.  They are going to be sharing with us about their lives and their stories.  So I want to encourage you and the people that you know to come and join us at Elevation.  You never know what is going to happen and you never know who you might meet.  To make sure that you know all about this awesome day make sure that you go to

What are some questions that you would want to ask the guys from “Gold Rush”?  Who knows if you show up we just might use your question.