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Sunday Night Thoughts

Being in a Team

This weekend as we prepared for our Sunday experiences I have to say that my focus was elsewhere in our state.  With the heavy rains that have hit Colorado it lead to having a heavy heart.  I spent time on Sunday back in a room behind the area where we meet praying for our state.

I spent time praying for our friends in Greeley at Journey Christian Church where they are taking to the task of helping people affected by the flooding. (If you want to help in Greeley the go here and help out. CLICK) I then thought of our friends in Boulder where there are several different churches that are seeking to stem the tide of need in their communities.  It is and will always be the dream and focus of Elevation to be a church that is caring for the community that we are living in.  So we pray and applaud the work that these churches are doing here in Colorado.

But then my mind turned back to what was happening in our own experience that Sunday and I marveled at what we had going on:

  • Adam Cruz was leading our band. Adam along with the team at Element Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming have been such an encouragement to our team.  Through coaching and care they have helped us through the last three years.
  • Brandon Appelhans was with us from a ministry called “My Quiet Cave”.  Where the focus is on the health and well being of those struggling with mental illness. I believe that this week we are going to see people that will take next steps in their life with mental illness. This Wednesday is going to be powerful.
  • The Dream Team at Elevation continues to grow. Each week I see a new face of someone that is taking the next step of serving at Elevation. They see that they get to be a part of something bigger then they know.
  • The team at Elevation sees the opportunities to not just go to church but be the church in Aurora.  So on Saturday, Sept. 28th  we have people that are excited about taking care of Mrachek Middle School.
  • That I love being a part of the team at Elevation.  That this Sunday I saw people picking up trash, I saw people jumping in areas that they were not scheduled, and we had people care for those that are struggling in life.  I love Elevation!

It is in the midst of the storms and in the midst of the struggle that you are able to see God show up in amazing ways.  I believe at Elevation and here in Colorado we are going to see the church, the body of Jesus do amazing things.


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