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Life’s Chain of Events

I don’t know why but today I have really been taking a mental inventory of the men and women that God has used to be influential in my life.  These are people that through out my life that God has used to add another link in the chain of events that have made me who I am today.  Some of them may or may not even know how God has used them but to me I really see them as the hands and feet of the Lord.  They have either helped me along, pushed me, kicked me in the butt, or have been an ear to vent too.  So for me I wanted to be able to take the time to name some of them, some are gone, some are living, some are near and some are far.  All I know is that I thank God for each one of them and the amazing way that they have been a part of my life in word or in deed.  So this is my list of names that have been used by God in my life:

Phil Bloyer, Nancy Bloyer, Pastor Fredrichs, Skinny Knapp, Harry Munson, Peter Fredrich, Jim Brooks, Meerle Steele, Mike Hiller, Jim Evans, Greg Meeker, Charles and Margie Kellim, James and Rachel Preston, The Boys at Union Hill Baptist Church, Nathan Lawson, The Staff at Riverside Hospital, Thelma Murray, Rick Richardson, Randy Sanders, Jerry and Becky Coon, Todd and Joe Stevenson, Matt Coon, Ted and Jody Herzog, Shawn and Candice Kelly, Josh Reinke, Chris Hallock, Phil Newby, The Elders at Grace Bible Church – Miles City, Bill Robbins, Ty Blaus, Marcus Boykins, Matt McMann, Dan and Joy Bethel, Nathan Maples, Joe Hunsaker, Kevin Carlson, Jason Olcott, Pastor Jay of I.C.M.C., Warren C. Bloyer (Your words from the past), Mike Yaconelli, Mark Batterson, Pete Wilson, Ric Small, Ken Jensen, Brian Logue, Kurt Baughn, Sammy Verbis, My awesome kids – Danielle Bloyer, Tyler Bloyer, Morgan Bloyer, With out a doubt my brothers and sister, I have to close with my wife Michelle L. Bloyer. (She is the best thing that the Lord has loaned to me)

Lord may I continue to remember the names of people that you have used to build into me ,I know that there are names that should be on here that either I have forgotten or have yet to be brought to this place.

Maybe this is something that you need to do is take an inventory of the men and women that have made a difference in your life.  Maybe you need to contact them and let them know the difference that they have made.  Maybe you need to realize that you are someone that God is going to use in the lives of those around you.  Whose list will you show up on?  Will you show up on anyone’s list?  Take the time to thank the Lord for those that He has used to lead you closer to Him.

Who is on you list – make a short one today.


3 responses

  1. Nathan Lawson

    Bro. thanks that mean a lot too me! You have been there in so many ways for me, more ways then you will know. i not sure i have ever told you this but that first night in the gym at Union Hill i was not sure about you, but not knowing how big of a apart of my life you would become. I think God that he put you in my life you have been a big leader in many ways and you have become a brother of Christ with me and i look to as the brother i never had. when i came to see you in Dever i see where you get your big heart from and that is your family they took me in like i was one of them and that means a lot to me agian words cant tell the whole story about how thankful i am of you and michelle and your family, Thank you Bro. Love ya Nate

    March 29, 2009 at 6:28 PM

  2. You are a part of our family. I know that Michelle and I have talked about the time in Jeff City, that some of our best memories where with you guys and the boxing at the house. Or the late night basketball games or the late night runs to Sonic. You all have been used by God to lead us to where we are today and the ministry that God is encouraging us to do. Tell the boys that I said HI when you see them.

    March 30, 2009 at 9:56 AM

  3. sammy verbis

    Wow, I am honored to be on this list. Thank you! You are equally influential in my life and i always think of the lessons and talks that we had when you were here. I will take those lessons of being bold, being a MAN of God and become a soldier for jesus.

    December 23, 2011 at 4:34 AM

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