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Family Stories

I love a good story.  Especially when it is a story about someone that is either in my immediate family or in the family tree.  Several posts before I wrote about my grandfather Warren C. Bloyer and what I had found in his sermon bible.  This last week my mother shared with my a story that she recently heard about how my grandfather Warren came to know Christ.  

Back in Iowa where he was living a preacher went door to door inviting the kids of the area to attend a Vacation Bible School.  So Warren and his brothers went to the Vacation Bible school.  It was when the second week of the VBS came my grandfather was the only one that went back for the second week.  There he received his first bible.  He was so excited about this new relationship with Christ that he would spend three hours sitting in the outhouse reading the bible.  

It was not long after that happened that one day his father trusted in Christ.  It was the day that one of his brothers was killed on the road in front of their house.  His father went out onto the road next to the young boys body and right there trusted in Christ.  

What an awesome story, what a heritage, what a legacy these men have placed in my life.  What is sad is that I never knew this until now. I think that these are the types of stories that we should be sharing around the dinner table with our kids.  How the lives in our families have been changed by Christ.  Who knows what these stories will do for them and for us when it comes to seeing where we are going and where we have come from.

What stories are you sharing with your kids or family about what Christ is doing in your life?  Take the time this week to share about what things are happening in you.


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