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At The Bottom?

Feeling at the Bottom

So this last week I have to be honest I was struggling with some of the things in my life.  I was not happy with where certain things in my life were going.  I was not happy with how I was feeling physically.  I was not happy with the sound that the bird was making outside the house.  I was not happy with . . . well you put it in there I was just not happy.  I don’t know about you but for me it was one of those poor me days.  I just want you to know that I hate you if you don’t know what I am talking about. (Just kidding, not really.)

So I just started looking at twitter.  If you don’t know what that is . . . then get out of your cave.  Maybe that is why you don’t have poor me days either, your hiding away in a cave.  (Just kidding, not really.)  While I was reading about all the great things that was happening in this church,  or all of the cool things that were happening in this persons life,  and about how this person got a new job.  I found one tweet from Catalyst that had a link to a video and there I watched a video that really spoke to me.  Check this one out!

There I heard Donald Miller ask the question, ‘If God came to you and said it is going to work out great.  Do you think that you are going to have to go through a lot of hard times?”

As I listened to the rest of the video I realized that I was obviously not Joseph but I felt like everything was hard at the specific time.  That in my heart and my head I was wondering really if all that we were doing was worth it? For me I knew the story of Joseph and how his family had sold him off, that he was a slave that was accused of misconduct, and who spent many years in jail forgotten.  Until ONE DAY! ONE DAY he was brought in before the King and then ONE DAY he was put in charge of everything. (If you don’t know his story read here in the bible: Genesis chapter 37 – chapter 46.)

What I want to know is are you so tired of fighting, or are you so tired of being alone, or are you so tired of not having enough money, or are you just so tired that you feel that you are at your bottom?  You see there is going to be that ONE DAY.  But what if your ONE DAY is tomorrow and you quit today?  But what if your ONE DAY is next week and you give up on Sunday?  But what if your ONE DAY is next year and you quit on New Years Eve?

I want you to know that God is going to do what God is going to do, because He is God. I also want you to know that right now maybe as you look from the bottom of what ever it is in your life.  I want you to know that God is able to do something great.

What is that great thing with you? I don’t know God does ask him.

If you want to know more about what means to have a relationship with God then please feel free to contact me. Especially if you feel that you are at the BOTTOM.


When did marriage become a JOKE?

I recently read an article that was posted by a local news channel on twitter.  It disturbed me!

Here is the cliff notes of the story (Read it here). There is a woman who has been a part of a movement of people who are trying to keep a local building from being torn down.  So in an effort to save the building from being torn down this woman with the support of the people around here decides to marry the building. Now at first I thought this is interesting. But the more I thought about the more bothered I became that marriage today has become more of a punchline to a joke then a commitment that is to be made between a man and a woman to God.

Michelle and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in May. I don’t want one the best things in my life, my marriage to my best friend to be a punch line in a joke or a way to save a building from being destroyed.  It is my hope that for the many of those of us that have had marriages that are a powerful statement to commitment and to marriage before God will continue to encourage those around us to see marriage as important.  It is my hope that as we lead in our homes and in our commuities that people will see the joy that comes from a marriage that is based in God’s love for one another and a commitment to live together through the good and bad is important.  Just a little fired up!

What do you think?

5 Days of Twittermas

As we head into the final week before Christmas we want to be a team and a church that is living a generous life.  So we have come up with the idea of 5 days of Twittermas.  From Tuesday Decemeber 20th until Saturday Christmas Eve December 24th we will be twittering where you can pick-up gift cards to different places through out Aurora, CO.  We will take a picture and then twitter the picture as well as where we are placing the gift card for who ever is the first one to get there.  It is a special way that we want to share the Christmas Season with people all over Aurora, CO.  So if you are going to participate in the 5 Days of Twittermas then you need to go and follow @Elevationcc on Twitter.

It is the time to give and give generously.

Music Monday

What an awesome thing to be a part of last night. The  global concert of U2 shown on Youtube and in conversation with Twitter.  This is just another way to showcase what technology can do and how we can leverage that technology to reach the world.  May we someday be able to do the same as U2 has done with this concert as we share with the world the gospel of Jesus Christ.  By the way U2 rocked the house.

By the way notice the choice of song?  Can you say Elevation!  I thought you could.

Social Networking and You

What do you think about Social Networking?  Are you apart of it?  The reason that I am asking you is because this is your chance to be a part of something amazing.  The Social Networking that is happening is another amazing opportunity for the church to reach people that you might not be able to reach if you just did things the way that you have always done them. The question is not whether or not this is a fad?  The question is how are you going to be a part of this movement to reach people with the gospel?  You can be used by God in an amazing way through the network that you are already involved in.  Go into all the world and you can do it from your computer or your phone.