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Dad to Daughters

kidsI was never prepared to be a dad let alone a dad of two daughters.  I mean I was a boy so when we had our son I kind of had that one figured out.  But daughters really, two of them, I was really deep in the weeds.  So I wanted to be able to share with you some of the things that I have learned being the dad of two daughters that have grown up to be amazing women. So here you go:

  • Listen to your wife!  I had to listen to my wife a lot because I am the oldest of four and my sister was ten years younger then me.  So I was clueless to a lot of areas when it came to what girls didn’t need or did need from a dad.
  • Hug them always.  One of the things that I always have done is hug my girls.  I hugged my girls even when they didn’t want me too.  Yep I went against the first one but that was only because I wanted my girls to know that I was going to love them and care for them whether they wanted me to or not.
  • Be Honest with them.  Now if you are a dad to a girl then you know the dreaded questions that start like this, “Dad what do you think about . . . ” insert hair, dress, make up, and a long list of others.  Unfortunately when we first started with these questions I was to honest and I did not set up my answer.  So I had a lot of looks from my wife and coaching with, “You don’t say that to a girl”.  To which I would answer, “Well then why did she ask me?”  So I would preface my answer by saying, “Do you want me to be honest?”  Now I said that when I didn’t like what I saw and I have said that when I did like what I saw. (Be consistent)
  • Set the Tone.  If you want your daughter to have a man that is going to love and care for her, then you need to set the tone.  So that is where you as the dad need to model exactly the kind of man that you want your daughters to look for in their life.  In fact I think that you should set the bar so high that your girls will go out on dates with the young men in their life and expect them to act like you.  And when the young men don’t act like you make sure you teach those same girls to not except it. So if you haven’t got what I am saying, then here you go.  Love your wife the way that you want your daughters to be loved.
  •  Prepare them for Life.  I know that you are probably thinking, well that is a big statement and you are right it is.  But I believe that it is something that is very important. So prepare them to handle their finances, prepare them to take care of their car, prepare them to defend themselves if needed, prepare them to speak up, prepare them to trust, and prepare them to leave home well.  I don’t expect my daughters to have to have a man to take care of them, I know that they can do it.  But I also want to prepare them for a life with another, so prepare them to talk with a man, prepare them to love someone, prepare them to sacrifice for someone, you see prepare them for life.

There are just a few of the things that I would say are important when it comes to being a dad to daughters.  But here is the last one and the most important prepare them to say, “I am sorry.”  How do you do this? Learn to say it yourself.  If there are some others that you can think of then feel free to comment and share them.


Fathering for Future

Fathering for the future

Fathering for the future

I was not ready to be a father. (Not like anyone really is. . .) So when we had a daughter then a son and another daughter I knew that I was in the deep end of the pool.  So I started doing all that I could to learn about what it meant to be the best father that I possibly could be. I read books, I watched videos, I talked with other fathers with grown children and usually I would ask, “Do you have any children that are in prison?” If they answered no then I would spend time asking them questions about how and what they did as a father.  Ultimately it lead me to the parenting statement that my wife and I would use as our goal for our kids, “We wanted them to leave well.” That would mean that when we were going to make decisions about different areas of life.  We would ask ourselves, “Is this going to prepare them to leave well?”  Now I know some of you might be thinking that this sounds like a horrible statement.  Where is the love in this statement? Where is the faith in this statement? Where is . . . you name it!  For us we felt like that there was nothing more faithful or loving then to prepare our children to leave the safety of the home well.  We made tough decisions that we hoped and prayed that would prepare them.  We challenged them in areas that we hoped and prayed would prepare them. We disciplined them in ways that we hoped and prayed that would prepare them. But most of all we loved and cared for them enough to prepare them to leave well. So what are you doing as a father or as a parent that is preparing your children to leave well?

And just so that you know that I am not talking out of turn. I am proud to say that our oldest is graduating from college this May with a degree in elementary education and seeking to attend possibly for her masters, our son is playing college football where he walked on and earned a scholarship and is pursuing a degree in exercise science, and our youngest plans to run cross country and track at the same college as her older sister and brother where she plans to get a degree in exercise science with an emphasis in physical therapy. (There were bumps along the way, but we are seeing them leave well.)

Dealing with Insecurity

Over the last couple of years as we have walked through planting a church in Aurora, CO. I have had to deal with many areas of growth. Developing leaders, doing long range planning, and knowing what to do when to do it. (Still working on that one.) But most of all I have had to deal with my insecurity.

I had a person that I have in my life that is able to speak into those areas of my life and a couple of weeks ago he just said, “Scott you are a very insecure person.” At first it really kind of ticked me off. But the more I have thought about it the more it has really been a freeing moment for me. I am insecure.

I am insecure about:

  • my marriage
  • my parenting
  • my ability
  • my leadership
  • my . . . .

But the one thing that I gain strength from as the insecure person is my true security coming from my identity in Jesus. I am  a follower of the risen Savior Jesus. I am a jacked up, insecure person, that only can live life because of the radical grace of Jesus Christ.

John 1:12 12 But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well it is! Every day since that conversation I have woke up with the this statement. “I am a child of the risen and conquering Savior, my life only comes from Him. I am secure because of what he has done, not me!” Take some time to say this statement each day and see what it does for you.

Hi, my name is Scott Bloyer and I am secure with being insecure. Who is with me?

Father Christmas for Fatherless

As we get ready for Christmas this week I have been spending a lot of time thinking of being a father.  Some of the greatest memories I have had as a father has been watching my kids on Christmas day.  They each have allowed me to see some amazing moments of pure joy as well as great excitement for the time of the year.  We have special traditions that my wife and kids have come to almost be so excited about that when we expereince them they are ready for next year.

But what I have been walking through is that over 1/3 of children today are living in fatherless homes.  Now I want to say something that I think is very important. If you are a single mom, I want you to know that you have the toughest job in the world.  You have to fulfill two very distinct roles in the lives of your kids.  I pray every week for the single mothers that I know attend Elevation.  But I do believe that we need to let those kids know that there is a father for the fatherless and he came on Christmas to be the everlasting Father.

Psalm 27:10 (NLT) 10 Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.

I pray that through out this Christmas season that each and everyone of us takes the time to think of those that are walking through this season with out knowing the one true Father, Jesus Christ.

How can you this week love on the fatherless?

Occupy – The Home

I have been watching and have been curious about the OCCUPY movement and all that they are doing.  I think that no matter what your political persuasion is that their intent is good when it comes to those that are losing homes during this season of life. So I am thinking about starting my own OCCUPY movement.  It is the OCCUPY your home movement and it is for fathers.

Facts compiled by the Department of Justice

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
90% of all homeless and runaway youths are from fatherless homes.
85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders are from fatherless homes.
71% of high school dropouts are from fatherless homes.
70% of youths in State institutions are from fatherless homes.
75% of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers are from fatherless homes.
85% of rapists motivated by displaced anger are from fatherless homes

I am encouraging and praying that we can rally fathers to OCCUPY their homes.  To see that the need to be at work or even at play all the time is damaging our country more then the housing crisis.  I believe many men have not had the benefit of a father themselves so they are just continuing to follow in their own fathers foot steps and some where along the line things need to change.  We need a group of men that are discontent with the way that things are going with families today and they need to lead by OCCUPYING their homes. By lovingly leading their wives and children, by spiritually setting the bar for their families, and by showing their community what a difference a father can make when he OCCUPIES his home.

1 Samuel 22:2, Then others began coming—men who were in trouble or in debt or who were just discontented—until David was the captain of about 400 men.

These are the same men that would be later referred to as David’s mighty men.  I pray today that we will have fathers that are just discontent with the way things are going and that they choose to OCCUPY their homes.

Off to College: A Dad’s Perspective

Enjoyed the summer with Danielle.

Today Michelle and I are driving our oldest Danielle to her first year of college.  She will be attending the University of Nothern Colorado looking to get a degree in Elementary Education.  She also will be moving away from home and her family for the first time. It is one of those moments as a parent that you realize that all the times that other parents said, “Life moves way fast.”  Were totally right.  But I have to be honest as Danielle’s dad I am so excited and so proud of who she is and how she has become such and awesome woman of faith.  I know that at some moment today I am going to look at her and remember the times that we played on the swing set in Montana.  The day that she laid in bed with her Mom and said “Yes” to Jesus. That I will remember the little girl that liked to play dress up.  That I will see the little soccer player.  That I will remember the first time she went to a school dance.  That I will remember the day I was proud to baptize her.  That I will remember the days that she sat on my lap and cried her eyes out.  That I will remember the times we shared her Christian crack addiction at Starbucks.  But all of these memories will not wiegh me down.  They will encourage the perspective that I already have about being a parent and the goal that I set a long time ago as Jesus laid it on my heart.  That my job as a dad is that my kids “Leave Well.”  Danielle is leaving well and I do not expect anything less.  I am so proud and excited to see what the near future holds for her at UNC.

Danielle if you read this; I want you to know that I am one proud dad and that I am only a phone call, text, Skype, away. Oh yeah, continue to remind the guys around you that I still have the bow and they will not hear it coming. LOVE YOU.

Music Monday

Michelle and I love to listen to Diana Krall when the kids are in bed and we are able to relax and enjoy our time.  This is has been one of those areas that we truly knew was important for us to keep for us to be able to be the husband and wife we needed to be.  I also believe that it is because we were able to make sure that we had this time that we were able to be better parents.  We had time for us to be unified in heart and mind when it came to life and the kids.  This may not be your kind of music but I encourage you to find whatever music you and your spouse enjoy turn the music on and then just spend time with the two of you.  No matter how many kids you have no matter what ages they are, you need your time together.  Because if you don’t have your time together now when your kids are grown up and gone you will have tons of time together and you may not know who you are spending time with.

What kind of music do you and your spouse enjoy listening to while you relax?  If you can’t answer that question then you need to find out.