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What are you expecting?

When you get done with being in a church experience or service do you ask yourself the question, “What did I get out of this?”  Hope you think about something.

It is my hope that I can help you change your perspective about answering that question. To be honest we should be really asking the question but the idea should be more about “How is Jesus speaking to me and what am I going to do in response to what He is telling me?”

So I want to challenge you with some things that can prepare you to answer that question above:

  • Choose to really get into the singing.  That’s right really sing out! Don’t worry about what anyone is thinking about your singing if you are seeking to honor God with you singing it shouldn’t matter. You don’t care about it when you are at a concert do you? Well don’t care when you are in service either.
  • Come ready to hear and share stories that you have experienced when it comes to be being a part of a church family.  This is a chance for encouragement and for life change as you become a healthier follower of Jesus.
  • Be hungry to grow in your relationship with Jesus.  Because being hungry is your choice as to what you experience! So pray for the person that is speaking, ask God to use them to speak into your life, to those that are sitting around you, and that lives would be changed by the gospel.
  • Come prepared to be involved.  Make sure you have a bible (paper or digital) get your program ready and make sure you write out notes.  The notes will help you through out the week when it comes to working out what Jesus is doing in you and through you. Who knows the Holy Spirit might really use it to nudge in you a specific direction.
  • Come expecting to respond to what God is doing that day both during the experience and later as you walk through what you have learned. Be ready to take it back out into life.
  • Come knowing that this is not where you are going to have a strong sense of community. Remember that comes through being in a more relational driven group. (Smaller)
  • Come knowing that the experience is the beginning of the week and that the experience is not the end of be all to your spiritual health.  Take the experience and use it to grow more personally. Spiritual growth happens in many other ways then just on Sunday.

What are some ways that you get ready for a service or experience when you are a part of a church community?  Help us see other options that are out there.


FIVE things to do to start the year off RIGHT!

Here are five things that you can do to start your year off right when it comes to being a team member at Elevation Christian Church. Each one of them will help us accomplish our mission statement: “Develop relational environments where people can become followers of Jesus.”

#5 Set-up Online Giving

As you prepare and plan for this coming year when it comes to your finances get your online giving set-up.  I pray that each and everyone of you has set some financial goals that are based in what God wants for you and your family. So make your tithe to the church one of the first things that is taken care of this month.  You can get it started in CCB through your login and if you don’t have a login just go to the Community tab on the website and you can ask for one.

#4 Join a Community Group 

In the coming weeks we are going to be talking about the importance of having a community of people around you as you walk through life.  So why not this weekend make it a priority to get signed up for a community group at the Guest Services booth.  It is as easy as picking what night works best for you and your family then getting your name on the Community Group card at the booth. Then the leader will get in touch with you and make sure you are ready to do life with others.

#3 Learn to Laugh

I know that you might think that this is a strange thing to put in this list. But I believe that if we were to live life more in the joy of being a child of God then we wouldn’t be as stressed out.  So learn to laugh at the things that are going on in your life and know that there is a Father that loves you in a huge way and is there with you each step.  Plus, they say that laughing actually extends your life that means my wife is going to live a long time. (Insert Laugh)

#2 Get to know someone NEW

We are so excited to share with you that on Christmas Eve that we had our largest attended service ever. So that will mean that we will see more and more new people attending our services over the next couple of weeks.  Make sure that you take the time to stop and talk to someone new invite them to get a cup of coffee and some cookies in the E-Lounge during the gatherings. Who knows you might even get in a Community Group together.

#1 Learn that WE ARE . . .  means something to us all

This month WE ARE going through a series called WE ARE. It is a series that is going to get us focused again on what is important to Elevation.  It is a series that is going to push us each to take next steps when it comes to our walks with Jesus Christ.  So I am asking you to take the time to see what WE ARE means to you and what God is calling you to do next.  Because WE ARE a movement of Jesus Christ and WE ARE not going to sit back and wait anymore.