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Confession I am a Romantic!


I am going to admit something that I know can really enable me to catch a lot of heat from some of the guys that I hang out around. (MMA Fighters)  But I am going to take this moment and use you for a little therapy.  Ready, here we go.

I am a romantic.

I am the one in our marriage that is planning the romantic events.  I am the one that is trying figure out how we can have really special moments. I am not sharing anything that my wife wouldn’t be willing to say isn’t true.  In fact when we were first married it used to really drive me crazy.  I mean I think that someone that knew Michelle and I really well bought her one of those books about being romantic. (True story) She has really changed since then, just saying. But I have always wanted to make things special.

So I want to share a few things with some guys out there that are not so romantic:

  • Think of her and not you. (A back rub can be just that.)
  • Find out what she calls romantic. (That means asking questions and then remembering, if you can’t remember then download, Evernote.)
  • Romantic does not mean expensive, it does mean personal. (Plan things that mean something to you both as a couple, took my wife to eat at the place where I proposed to her. Wrote love notes to her and placed them in her car while she was at work.)
  • Romantic means that she can show what you have done off to other women. (Ladies will probably deny this, maybe. But they want to be able to brag to the other ladies around them about what you do.)
  • Romantic means that you are setting the standard in your home. (If you are a dad of daughters then you are making it tough on the guys your daughters will date.  If you are a dad of sons then you are setting the standard for what they will do.)
  • Make sure that you are totally focused on her and nothing else. (There is a time for couple dates, pick a place to eat with out ESPN, and remember that you don’t have to tweet about it.)

If you want to share in the comment section other ways that you can be romantic that would be awesome. I just ask that you keep them PG at least. (haha)


Sunday Night Thoughts


It has been an amazing last three years since we first started Elevation here in Aurora.  As Michelle and I spent Saturday together we talked about many of the things that have happened in the last three years at Elevation.  We talked about the things that brought smiles to our faces and we talked about the things that hurt our hearts.  We still hang to the word that we created as a family when we left Northern California to move to Aurora, CO to start Elevation, it is “terriciting”.

You see when you are starting a church or when you are actively stepping out in faith as you follow Jesus it is two things:

  • It is  terrifying.  It is a scary thing to step out in faith, it is a scary thing to walk with in the unknown, it is a scary thing to no know what is going to happen next, and it is a scary thing to not have total control over what you are doing.
  • It is exciting. I mean it is exciting to see how God shows up when you didn’t know how.  It is is exciting to walk where you have never walked before. (Like a good trip in a new country.) It is exciting to not know what you are going to experience next. We have seen some amazing things happen in people’s lives.  It is exciting to not to have any control of what will happen. (Just like a roller coaster.)

So to all of those that are preparing to start a church, or to step out and try something new when it comes to your spiritual development, I encourage you to go for it.  I want to encourage you to know that it is the most “terriciting” thing that you can ever do and it is well worth it.  I hope that today as you read this you are hearing that still small voice of God telling you to do something that you know is just crazy.  Because you when you hear that voice and you step out you are about to embark on the most “terriciting” thing possible.  Have a great day, week, month, and year being “terricited”!

By the way I am so “terricited” for the next year that I just can’t contain myself, what about you?

Remembering Today A Year Ago!

Remembering a year ago.

Remembering a year ago.

Today it has been one year since the horrendous shootings at the Aurora Century 16 Theaters.  It is a weekend that will forever be etched in my mind and heart.

It started at 1:30 in the morning when all of the Bloyer Family phones began buzzing away.  There were text messages and phone messages asking if we were okay and if we were all at home.  Seeing how we are a famliy that normally goes to midnight showings of new movies.  But since we were all tired from doing different things we decided to stay home.  But that can not be said for many of our friends and teammates here in Aurora.

After numerous phone calls and text messages Michelle and I could not stay in bed in any longer.  So as we sat and watched the different reports throughout the early morning we knew we could not sit any longer. So along with Gregg Barbour or worship pastor he and I headed out for a long day doing what we could for the people of Aurora.  Handing out bottles of water, praying with hurting family members, and supporting the school staff at Gateway High school.  All with the hope and prayer that it would some how make a difference in the community that we cared for so much.

I know that through out this last year we have heard of so many heroic deeds that came from that day.  From the police officers and their response to the wounded that night.  To those in the theater that gave their lives for the sake of others.  Then to those that have lost loved ones and how they are not letting thier loved ones lives be remembered by one day.  They are caring for others or making sure that those who survived are being taken care of to this day.

All I know is that in one event a city was brought together and showed how strong it really could be.

Romans 12:21 “Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”

21 Years in 21 Pictures

It is so easy to be able to sit back and just buy a card.  But when it comes to celebrating one of the greatest days of my life I don’t ever just want it to be easy.  So here is a special gift to my bride on May 16th our 21st Anniversary.



I praise God for the woman who has made me better and stronger because she is in my life.

When did marriage become a JOKE?

I recently read an article that was posted by a local news channel on twitter.  It disturbed me!

Here is the cliff notes of the story (Read it here). There is a woman who has been a part of a movement of people who are trying to keep a local building from being torn down.  So in an effort to save the building from being torn down this woman with the support of the people around here decides to marry the building. Now at first I thought this is interesting. But the more I thought about the more bothered I became that marriage today has become more of a punchline to a joke then a commitment that is to be made between a man and a woman to God.

Michelle and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in May. I don’t want one the best things in my life, my marriage to my best friend to be a punch line in a joke or a way to save a building from being destroyed.  It is my hope that for the many of those of us that have had marriages that are a powerful statement to commitment and to marriage before God will continue to encourage those around us to see marriage as important.  It is my hope that as we lead in our homes and in our commuities that people will see the joy that comes from a marriage that is based in God’s love for one another and a commitment to live together through the good and bad is important.  Just a little fired up!

What do you think?

Off to College: A Dad’s Perspective

Enjoyed the summer with Danielle.

Today Michelle and I are driving our oldest Danielle to her first year of college.  She will be attending the University of Nothern Colorado looking to get a degree in Elementary Education.  She also will be moving away from home and her family for the first time. It is one of those moments as a parent that you realize that all the times that other parents said, “Life moves way fast.”  Were totally right.  But I have to be honest as Danielle’s dad I am so excited and so proud of who she is and how she has become such and awesome woman of faith.  I know that at some moment today I am going to look at her and remember the times that we played on the swing set in Montana.  The day that she laid in bed with her Mom and said “Yes” to Jesus. That I will remember the little girl that liked to play dress up.  That I will see the little soccer player.  That I will remember the first time she went to a school dance.  That I will remember the day I was proud to baptize her.  That I will remember the days that she sat on my lap and cried her eyes out.  That I will remember the times we shared her Christian crack addiction at Starbucks.  But all of these memories will not wiegh me down.  They will encourage the perspective that I already have about being a parent and the goal that I set a long time ago as Jesus laid it on my heart.  That my job as a dad is that my kids “Leave Well.”  Danielle is leaving well and I do not expect anything less.  I am so proud and excited to see what the near future holds for her at UNC.

Danielle if you read this; I want you to know that I am one proud dad and that I am only a phone call, text, Skype, away. Oh yeah, continue to remind the guys around you that I still have the bow and they will not hear it coming. LOVE YOU.

Special St. Pat’s Day Video

Since many of you shared how much you enjoyed the first video that Tyler made.  He has chosen to bring you some more for St. Pat’s Day.  I hope that you enjoy his video as much he enjoyed making it for you.  This is another creative opportunity for me to really be proud of my kids and the way that they use their abilities.  This one is really fun!  Enjoy.