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Carrying to much?

refrig and dolly

So yesterday as I was heading to the airport with my wife and daughter to fly out to an event that I was going to speak at something caught my eye.  We were sitting at an intersection that we always go through about three to four times a day and there was a man on the corner with a refrigerator.  That’s right a refrigerator all by himself on a dolly.  Then as we pulled up the light changed and he painstakingly hauled the refrigerator across the street to the other side, but when he got to the corner it got stuck.  So he worked and worked the refrigerator up on the corner as all of the cars in the turn lane waited and honked.  Then once he got it up on the corner sidewalk he paused caught his breath and then hauled the refrigerator down the street to some unknown destination.

As I watched this happen I was thinking first, how I could get out and help this guy with out getting run over and with out being late for my flight. Then the second thing that came to mind was why is there no one to help this guy to move this refrigerator? Why is he carrying so much of a load all on his own?  I thought that it was really interesting to see this since this last weekend at Elevation we talked about the need and call for community. We talked about “Relationships lead to community and community fuels maturity.”

It made me think about all the people that are involved in faith communities (churches) that are carrying to much on their own.  Whether it because of their own choice of not being involved in community by choosing to be that person who just shows up and never gets to know any one.  Or that they are involved in a faith community (church) that doesn’t make relationships a priority.  It burdened my heart to think about how we have so many people that say they are following Jesus but have made a choice to forget about the “One Another’s”.  Through out the New Testament there many “One Another’s” and there is one that I thought of when it came to the man on the corner with the refrigerator.

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 (NLT)

When did we start to think that we need to handle things all on our own?  When did it become ok to know of the struggle someone is having and to do nothing?  It is my prayer that today you will notice the family member or friend that is carrying to much, like the refrigerator and get involved.  Who do you know that you can help carry the refrigerator down the street today? Don’t miss out on sharing in the burden.


The Church of the Jacked UP!

One of the things that I am constantly reminding myself and others about as we start a church is that we are all “Jacked Up”.  That there is not one perfect person in our church.  That the person that God is using to start the church is “Jacked Up” and that’s me.  In fact when I was speaking a couple of weeks ago in Jefferson City, MO I really felt God pushing me to remind everyone there that we are all a part of the “Jacked Up” in fact I had everyone there that night turn to the person next to them and say exactly that, “Hi I am part of the church of the Jacked Up.”  We all come with our baggage, our hurts, and the feeling of being damaged.  I was reminded this week of a scene in a movie that resembled this thought.  It comes from the movie “Black Hawk Down” and it goes like this:

Lt. Col. Danny McKnight is in a fierce battle.  The vehicle is filled with wounded and the blood from the wounded is all over the place. He then orders Private Othic “You get up there and drive!”  Othic yells back, “But I’m shot, Colonel!”  McKnight yells back, “Everybody is shot!”

There is not one person involved in our communities that have not had to deal with some type of hurt.  But what we can do is be the M.A.S.H. unit that is available to each other.  And we have the ultimate doctor that is able to heal and mend those hurts that we have experienced.  We know this because in Matthew he said that the doctor comes for the sick not the healthy.  We have a Doctor that has wounds that were made so that ours could be healed.  That is why I can say that I am part of the church of the “Jacked Up”.