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Tips for playing “Pokemon Go”

pokemon goOk so I have to say that I am not a fan of Pokemon Go. But it is making people crazy and I am not going to lie, I love the idea of this game for parents and their kids.  So I was thinking that we should list some very simple tips for playing Pokemon Go with your kids:

  1. Make sure that you are dressed for the adventure. If you are going to be outside a ton then make sure you are dressed for where you live.  Also make sure that you have something to drink while you are out and about.  Who knows this might be something that you can assign to one of the kids to handle.  Give them some ownership for the adventure. But ultimately wear good shoes, don’t want those dogs to get tired.
  2. Don’t worry about catching duplicate Pokémon. Whenever you snag a new Pokémon, you may notice you will also earn candy and stardust. Both items will help level up your characters to make them stronger. With enough candy, you can also evolve your Pokémon into something bigger and more powerful. Any duplicates you transfer to the professor net more candy. So those extra Pidgeys will come in handy.
  3. Eggs are a good way to snag more Pokémon. When you visit a Poké Stop, you can earn Balls to capture more creatures or Eggs. Players can stick an Egg in an incubator and birth their own Pokémon. All you need to do is once the Egg is inside the incubator, you must walk to complete the process. Now being dressed for the adventure will be worth it.
  4. Have your phone charger ready always.  You sure don’t want the phone to die while you are on the adventure do you?  So play with the kids and let them know that with out the phone the adventure stops.  So make it fun for how you get the phone on the charger and off when you go hunting.
  5. The way you toss the Poké Ball is important. When you capture a Pokémon, you flick the Poké Ball from the lower end of the screen toward the Pokémon to catch it. The better the toss, the more experience points you earn. You can even toss a curveball to catch them with flair. A green circle expands and shrinks when you hold down on the Poké Ball before the toss. The wider the circle, the greater the odds of making a catch.
  6. Beware of your surroundings. One thing that I have already seen is people wandering around without an awareness of what is going on around them.  So a good idea would be to have some one as your safety guard through the whole adventure.  In fact this also might be a good time to talk with your kids about being aware of people around them when they are walking to and from school, or playing with friends, or walking to practice.  Make this a teachable moment about safety.

I think it is important to know that the family that plays together stays together.  I also think that a family that attends a church together has a stronger bond then they will ever know.  If you want to know more about a church in Aurora, CO then just click here and find a place for you and your family. Don’t let the adventure stop when you are not playing Pokemon Go!


“3 Things to Make This December Special”

3 – Take a Spiritual Next Step:

Each one of us needs to take next steps with Jesus.  That may mean getting baptized this Sunday at Utah Pool.  When you do this, you will be going public with your relationship with Jesus. You will also be sharing it with everyone at the Baptism Celebration this Sunday at 5:30PM.  This may mean, for you, serving somewhere at Elevation.  The month of December is a great time to start. We will need more people to serve during our Christmas Eve services because we will see a large group of new people coming and we want them to have a great experience here at Elevation and you can be a part of that by serving.  You can serve in the Worship Arts Team by contacting Tim Hanebrink, Tim is looking to have a group of carolers for our Christmas Eve services.  You can serve on the Ekidz Team by contacting Nancy Bloyer, Nancy is going to be having shepherds walking through the Ekidz rooms and we would love for you to be a part of this as well.  You can serve in the First Impressions Team by contacting Ryan Duncan. Ryan will need more volunteers so that our first time guests experience is enjoyable.  So, we need you to take a next step!

2 – Give to the IMPACT Offering:

This year all of us at Elevation will be coming together to make an IMPACT offering. This offering will be above and beyond our normal 10% tithe.  We have set a goal for twenty thousand dollars and we are on the way there.  We want you to sit down with your family and friends and see how you can make this Christmas about others. Make this Christmas special by giving to something that is going to change people’s lives. When you give this year, you will be giving to each area within Elevation.  Your gift will help to enhance our EKIDZ experience. It will also improve your experience on Sunday mornings in our worship services. Some of the funds will also be given to first impressions to enhance the experience of our first time guests here are Elevation.  Finally, when you give, we will be giving 5,000.00 to the Miracle House in Kenya.  Make and IMPACT today, you can go to our ONLINE giving and give there or you can mark on your envelope this Sunday “IMPACT” or any of the other Sundays this month.

1 – Remember that Jesus came for the Hurting:

You have a chance to make December special by inviting people that you know to come hear about Jesus at our Elevation Christmas Eve Gatherings.  This year you can use our Elevation Christmas tickets to invite friends and family.  My wife Michelle is making cookie plates for the people on our block and taping the tickets to the plate for our Christmas Eve gatherings.  You can pick up the tickets and our new building cards, which are available at our Guest Services table. Remember that we have two services. The first starts at 4:30PM and the second starts at 6:00PM. Each service can seat 250 people.  Make this December special by allowing the people you know to find out why they call Jesus the “Prince of Peace”.


Special St. Pat’s Day Video

Since many of you shared how much you enjoyed the first video that Tyler made.  He has chosen to bring you some more for St. Pat’s Day.  I hope that you enjoy his video as much he enjoyed making it for you.  This is another creative opportunity for me to really be proud of my kids and the way that they use their abilities.  This one is really fun!  Enjoy.

Creative Video Fun!

So this last week my son and daughter decided to make a funny video.  I love being a dad and seeing my kids do some fun and creative things.  You would have never thought that with a camera, a teddy bear, and two kids that you would get something like this.  Check out the “Valentines Day Horror” starring Tyler and Morgan Bloyer.

Paul Wright & Rootdown

So this last Friday we had Paul Wright and Rootdown play at our church for a very intimate concert.  They were full of energy and they did a great job of making the students and families at the concert feel special.  You would have never know how many people were in the building.  Which I did as I watched ticket sales.  But they were there to share the love of Christ with the people that were there and they made the night awesome.  Why?  How can I say that?

First as a Dad my kids love Paul and the guys they can not wait to hang around them.  These guys make the people around them so comfortable and they are FUN.  They don’t take themselves and what they do so serious that they can’t enjoy the people around them.  That is something that I have to say I love about these guys.

Second as a Pastor to Students the kids of our church want to have these guys around.  This last concert was a younger crowd and I have to say that it worked out great because the came back to church on Sunday with a new excitement for being a part of the student ministry.  They saw that you can have fun in a worship sense and they were acting that way Sunday.  Thanks to the guys for leading our students in this way.

Finally as a friend I am so encouraged to know that these guys are out their touring and sharing their gifts and talents.  I am so proud of the men that they are and the way that they are serving Jesus in what they do.  I pray that that everyone who gets to hear these guys or just hang out with these guys are able to to catch a glimpse of what it means to serve Jesus with all that you are and who you are.  Thanks guys for a great night.

Paul Wright and Rootdown

Easter @ Church with the Bloyers

Just wanted to share some of the fun that we have together at church.  Yes that is right we had fun at church during the Easter services.  Check out this video that my son put together.

Hope that you had this much fun on Easter at church.  I love being a dad and I love being with my kids.  More serious stuff to come!

Hiding Easter Eggs

We are a family that because I work at a church always enjoys spending the day at the church for Easter.  My kids have shared that some of their best memories are when we are all working together during these services.  Because we are at the church from early until late then Michelle has always left the church early to go and hide Easter eggs so that they kids were surprised when they got home from being at church.  With them all being older and not wanting to hide all the Easter Eggs and they also made the comment that they were to easy to find this year Michelle decided to hide just nine eggs and she hid them hard.  She hid them so hard that she was worried that she would forget where she put them so she made a note for where all the eggs were placed.  This is the note that she made:

Notes to find the eggsThat is how awesome my wife is, never want to have a hidden egg go bad on you.  We even needed to use the notes because the kids couldn’t find them all.  Don’t tell mom that it was to easy or she will bring it.  Had a great Easter, will be posting more pictures and even a video.

What Easter stories do you have to tell?