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Did you see the car wreck?

IMG_3208Have you ever arrived at someone’s home or to work and they asked you, “Did you see that car wreck?” I have and until recently I didn’t really pay attention to the question at least until the car wreck happened to be my son Tyler.  I was sitting at home with my wife just relaxing when THAT phone call came.  It was Tyler calling me to let me know that he had just been in an accident, that he was ok, but that I should get to where he was at as quick as I could.  My son is 24 years of age he is a man, not a boy.  So when he called and explained it all to me I really didn’t panic.  I got dressed quickly to leave the house, had a back and forth conversation with my wife about which vehicle to take car or truck.  I grabbed the truck just in case it wasn’t that bad  a wreck and I could tow the car home.  But I drove to where my son was at and as I came over the hill to see the accident my heart jumped in my throat.  It was not a just a little fender bender, my son had been t-boned at a major intersection and his car was severely damaged. It was not what I had hoped to see at all it was a parent’s nightmare.  So I parked the truck in a lot in front of a store that enabled me to get to where my son was at with paramedics.

But as soon as the truck was in park my cell phone began to ring. It was a number that I didn’t know, but I answered it none the less.  It was an operator from the APP that I had on my phone called LIFE360 they wanted me to know that my son was in a car accident and they wanted me to know that the proper authorities had been notified.  It was an amazing phone call and I thanked the operator for calling me.  But you might be sitting there thinking, why was this an amazing phone call? You were already at the accident and didn’t need the phone call. And what you would be thinking right.  But what if my son couldn’t call me, what if my son was unable to call me? It let me know that the APP that we had put on each of our children’s phones and had the monthly subscription was all worth it.  Now here is the question that I know you want to ask, “How did they know he was in an accident?  Here is the amazing answer, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”  Want to know why? Because they called me and let me know about my son.  As a parent I was notified that my son was in an accident and that was a amazing news.

I want you to understand that I am not being paid to say this, I am not being told to say this.  But if you are a parent or a spouse that truly cares for the people in your family then you need them to get this APP on their phone.  This is the second time that the LIFE360 APP has been good for our family and has enabled us to know can care for our children.  What are some APPS that you use as a parent that have helped you?




Dare U 2 Dad


So starting in the month of February I am going to be recording once a month a podcast for dads.  Single dads, married dads, divorced dads, future dads, empty nest dads, and mentor dads of kids in your community.  So once that I have the podcast location and have the logo I will be posting the information for you start tuning in.  But what I want to do is invite you to share with me here in the comments section any questions that you might have about being a dad.  It is my hope that we can together discover and recover some of the amazing things that are to be done as a dad with and for our kids.

List below any questions or thought that you think would be good to cover on a podcast for dads.  Because we are going to Dare U 2 Dad!

Do you need encouragement?

Ever have one of those days where you just wish some one would acknowledge that you are doing a good job at whatever it is your doing that day? I mean maybe if you are a stay at home mom, that your husband or kids would just tell you that you are doing awesome and that they love their home. Wouldn’t that be nice?  I mean how about husbands that work away from home and are gone for a couple of days, that when you get home you hear from your wife and kids that they missed you and want to be with you. Instead, you get the list of broken things in the home and dad you promised to take me to the store. Don’t you want to be encouraged? How about for those high school and middle school students that are taking on the world in school. That when you get home you hear that you were missed and that is there anything that your parents could do for you while you do the 12 million hours of home work.  But instead you hear about the chores that aren’t done or about how you missed one thing on the project and it wasn’t the grade that your parents had hoped for in that class.  Don’t you want more encouragement?

I recently was sitting and working away and was kind of having one of those days, where I just wanted to hear I was doing a good job.  That things were going well and that even though my emotions were getting the better of me, that God is the one in charge I am not, and today was better than I thought.  When I looked up at the huge wipe board in my office and saw this:

Morgan making her dad's day!


There she left me a little note just telling me she loved me. What a great reminder and an encouragement to me.  It made the rest of my day just hinking about how my “favorite youngest daughter” loved me.  Maybe that is what you need to hear too?  Maybe you need to know that from not just the people around you but from God himself.  You see God being the great dad that He is even knew that was important.  Look at what he said to His son:

Matthew 3:17 (NLT) “And a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved son, who brings me great joy.”

Guess what you are His kid and you too bring Him joy.  So even if you can’t see it on the wipe board in your office know that God loves you and He wants you to lean into Him and hear I Love you, your doing a good job.

Hope that you are encouraged! Maybe this is something you need to share with someone else? Go encourage someone, maybe on their wipe board.

Off to College: A Dad’s Perspective

Enjoyed the summer with Danielle.

Today Michelle and I are driving our oldest Danielle to her first year of college.  She will be attending the University of Nothern Colorado looking to get a degree in Elementary Education.  She also will be moving away from home and her family for the first time. It is one of those moments as a parent that you realize that all the times that other parents said, “Life moves way fast.”  Were totally right.  But I have to be honest as Danielle’s dad I am so excited and so proud of who she is and how she has become such and awesome woman of faith.  I know that at some moment today I am going to look at her and remember the times that we played on the swing set in Montana.  The day that she laid in bed with her Mom and said “Yes” to Jesus. That I will remember the little girl that liked to play dress up.  That I will see the little soccer player.  That I will remember the first time she went to a school dance.  That I will remember the day I was proud to baptize her.  That I will remember the days that she sat on my lap and cried her eyes out.  That I will remember the times we shared her Christian crack addiction at Starbucks.  But all of these memories will not wiegh me down.  They will encourage the perspective that I already have about being a parent and the goal that I set a long time ago as Jesus laid it on my heart.  That my job as a dad is that my kids “Leave Well.”  Danielle is leaving well and I do not expect anything less.  I am so proud and excited to see what the near future holds for her at UNC.

Danielle if you read this; I want you to know that I am one proud dad and that I am only a phone call, text, Skype, away. Oh yeah, continue to remind the guys around you that I still have the bow and they will not hear it coming. LOVE YOU.

Being a Hero for REAL

So I am sitting in a friends house in Jefferson City, MO with my wife when I receive an email from my 16 year old son asking me to read a book report he is about to turn in at school.  As I sat there and read the book report I was more and more amazed at what an awesome man he has become and how proud I am to be his dad.  It brought me to tears.  His mom then came in the room and I said you have got to read this.  In a moment Michelle was reading away at the same report.  Her face was all a glow as she just sat there and said, “WOW!”  I am not going to just sit here and tell you about it I want to give you the chance to read what he wrote, so here is Tyler Bloyer’s report.

The world that we live in is constantly pressuring us to conform to its ways.  The book that I read, Hero: Becoming the Man She Desires written by Fred Stoeker and co-author is Jasen Stoeker, is trying help the men of God fight the fight and staying strong to the commitment we made with our bodies. It is taking on the myths of this world head on and firing back using what the Creator says. It is a book for the defense of those who want to keep sex between their future wives and them, and no one else.

The author is just trying to tell me that, just because I am a follower of Christ, it does not mean that I cannot have the same romance and intimacy that my peers have through premarital sex. Stoeker is helping me by suggesting to me what it takes to be a man of God through my actions with the women around me, and with my future relationships. He writes to me that a man of God does not look at women in a degrading and disrespectful way, and that God created them special and of course different than us men. And these differences are not just physical, but also mentally. The way that women view relationships is very different than the way a man perceives them to be. Women are more likely to be dedicated to a relationship, than a man would be. Also, he lays out all the expectations that God has for his men about sex and abstinence (Oh no I said abstinence!), and how important it is for them to protect their hearts from the temptations of our sex driven culture.  God created sex, so why would he think it’s horrible and bad? He doesn’t, God created sex for a reason. It is the bonding of one man to one woman. He made it be awesome and pleasurable. What he doesn’t like is when people abuse this wonderful gift, and use it for our own ignorant pleasures with whomever we feel like it. He created it for a man and a wife to have together, when they had made that commitment to each other and God. AKA when they say I do.  But our culture tries so hard to make men like me, fall to its low standards of integrity. Men are constantly under attack through the movies and TV we watch, through the music we listen to, and the websites we view. Satan has used many things to break followers of Christ down. He uses porn, masturbation, and other things like premarital sex. And sure man, we are not perfect people AT ALL, and if anyone says they are, they’re liars. We make mistakes just like everyone else. The only perfect person ever on this planet was Jesus. He never sinned. But yet, he came here on this jacked up world, and he died in place for all the crappy things I’ve said or done. And for this, I know that even though I live in a world of constant temptations and pressures, I know that because I believe that God came here for me and died for my mistakes, that I don’t have to worry about where I’m going after I die. It’s a sure fact.

This book is a tool that God has placed in my life, and I now know what I have to do to be the man that He wants me to be, and the man that future bride deserves.

I continue to pray for the young lady that will some day be my sons wife. I pray that she truly sees what being a Hero for Real looks like.

Creative Video Fun!

So this last week my son and daughter decided to make a funny video.  I love being a dad and seeing my kids do some fun and creative things.  You would have never thought that with a camera, a teddy bear, and two kids that you would get something like this.  Check out the “Valentines Day Horror” starring Tyler and Morgan Bloyer.

The Power of Presence

I have always know that as a dad I have to make sure that I am present in my kids lives.  That I need to be present both mentally, physically, and spiritually involved in their lives.  Now I have not been perfect, in fact there are so many times that I have been physically there but not mentally or even emotionally.  What I try to do is be all there.  As I begin the process of starting a church I have come to realize that the same is true for a community.  The people of a community need the presence of the followers of Jesus and not the ones that spend most of their time in a church building.  They need the power of presence.  Look at what Paul wrote:
1 Thes. 2:8 (NLT) We loved you so much that we gave you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.
They didn’t just drop off tracks or grab their bullhorns and yell, they spent time with the people of the community.  The next verse in that book says that they worked right along side with these people.  That is why I am glad that I have the awesome opportunity to work along side the people that I do at the boxing gym.  I am with a young man that is struggling with being a man, a young girl that is working hard to compete, I even have a couple of guys that are trying to figure out if they want to not follow the path that leads to jail.  Who are the people in your life that is getting you and the Holy Spirit guided presence, that are in desperate need of not just words but your life?  Who are you working along side that needs you to be just a friend that can pray, love, and care for them?