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Celebration Matters

paper gatoradeWe see celebrations happen every weekend.  We see football players soak their coaches after a big win.  We see college fans rush the court after their basketball team accomplishes a big win.  Soccer fans will line the streets of their cities after there is a win at the World Cup. Businesses have a salesman ring a bell once they have made a sale. (Watched this when my daughter bought her first car.)  So why is it that the church community does this so poorly?  Why is that celebration has been reduced to a simple AMEN? Why is it that when we see God do something amazing in the lives of people that we keep it quiet? Why is it that when the church team accomplishes something together we receive grief from other followers of Jesus for sharing and celebrating?

Well one of the things that I have learned over the last five years of starting a church is that CELEBRATION matters.  That is right we need to celebrate more of the things that are happening in and through our church teams. This last weekend some people at Elevation chose to celebrate a great day at Elevation where 15 people said, “Yes to a relationship with Jesus” by dumping confetti over my head. (Thank you for not using Gatorade) over the top of my head.  It was something that was really awesome! I was touched as the pastor of Elevation to celebrate what had happened in our church. We all know that God is the one that made the life change happen.  But the people (Wendy & Marissa) chose to celebrate that day by doing something that we see every week in sports.  We had people watching that were just checking out Jesus and His church, they all cheered and laughed.  But then it created conversations about why that happened.  We all were able to share with them that we were celebrating what Jesus is doing in the lives of people.  To which one man that I talked with said, “I love that you guys have fun celebrating! I have never seen this in a church before.”  To which I thought, WHY?

Maybe this week I can challenge you to think about how you celebrate. Maybe it is celebrating something in your marriage.  Maybe it is celebrating something that has happened in your kids lives.  Maybe it is celebrating something that has happened in your work.  Maybe if you are a church volunteer or leader celebrating something in your church.  We can throw parties, give gifts, send thank you’s, and maybe dump confetti over someone’s head.  But let’s take the challenge this week what and how we celebrate.




Sunday Game Celebration

I have to say that there is almost nothing better then being able to sit down in a nice comfy chair and be able to watch a great team on Sunday accomplish something amazing.  Being a Denver native I have had the awesome chance to watch ‘The Drive” as it unfolded.  I was honored to watch John Elway dive towards the end zone in the Super bowl against Green Bay.  Now it is watching the kid, Tim Tebow do things that everyone else wants to critique but he wins games.

All I have to say is that they had nothing on the team at Elevation Christian Church on Sunday.  We have begun the month, this series, and the next season for Elevation at Aurora Frontier K-8 with a big kick off.  Yesterday we had teams of people show up early on Sunday in the snow to set-up kid’s rooms, coffee, drinks, sound systems, and lights.  It was only the second time that each one of the different serving teams had even seen the school.  But it was amazing.  Each one of our teams performed amazing in the heat of the game.  I am so blessed to be one of the Pastors at Elevation Christian Church.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year looks like for us at Elevation and all of the celebrations that we will share as God works in and through the teams and players of Elevation.  Let’s celebrate this Sunday and the four people that said Yes to Jesus because each team and each player had a part in their day.  Let’s celebrate a winning game!

Morgan is 12 today!

Morgan's Birthday

Today 12 years ago at about 11:00 AM in the morning we were blessed to have Morgan Isabella Bloyer.  Michelle and I on that day were so excited to see what we were going to have.  We had tried to find out but she was just to tough to get a good picture of so that we could to tell.  It was amazing Michelle was in labor all night long and when I woke the next morning she looked at me with this intense face and said we need to get to the hospital now. ( that was the mild G version)  So I was able to be one of those husbands that drove like a made man to the hospital in Denver.  I even made a right hand turn from the left hand turn lane across three lanes of traffic to get to the hospital.  I think Michelle did make the comment that she wanted to arrive alive.  

I want everyone to know that as a father I have been blessed with each of the kids and I have to always remember that they are just on loan to their mother and I from God.  But Morgan brings a smile to my face she knows how to snuggle with her daddy.  She brings joy to our hearts every time she begins to sing in the back of the car she has such a gift.  Her heart for the underdog is incredible and she is always looking to help in some way.  For the record she pretty much has her brother wrapped around her finger.  Thank you Lord for allowing us to enjoy the time that we have had with her so far we look to the future with much anticipation and joy. 

George I love you!