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Vision 2015 (Part One)

Leading into the new year

Leading into the new year.

This year at Elevation we are seeking to really develop the people on the inside but we want to prioritize for the people on the outside.

So what does that look like for the team at Elevation? How are we going to apply this to what we are doing?

Here are some of the things that we are planning to develop and do:

  • Develop the leaders that are leading teams currently by equipping them spiritually and practically. (In our prayer, our purity, our purpose, our planning, our preparation, our practice, and our performance. Matthew 20:26)
  • Seek to develop new leaders that are willing to take things and go further then we are now. (Our best is yet to come. Acts 12:25)
  • Connect people to the abilities and strengths that they have been given to honor God. (Everyone has a place to play. Exodus 31:3)
  • Prepare for the leaders that are going to arrive and thrive on the team at Elevation. (Leadership Development)

It is our prayer that we will be equipping the team to lead and multiply as we move forward in this year. The question is what are you doing to develop yourself as a follower of Jesus and a leader in your home, neighborhood, school and workplace?


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