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Elevation Dream Team


Here is one of the amazing people that makes up the Dream Team at Elevation.  You see we call of the people that serve at Elevation the Dream Team. Why the Dream Team?  We believe that God has brought together the perfect team to accomplish what He wants to accomplish here in Aurora through Elevation.  Each person on the team has been gifted and created to make the team the best it possibly can be to win the game.  So we have people that serve in many different ways and make a difference in many different people’s lives.  In fact we are so excited about the people that are on the team that I am going to be taking the time to share with you about who some of these people are and what they do at Elevation. Here is the first DREAM TEAM member that I want you to know about:

Alex Lopez (Genesis is along for the ride.)Alex Lopez and her daughter Genesis who is along for the ride with mommy.  Alex serves alongside with her husband Josue on the Parking Lot Team.  They are a major blessing to the church and the prepare the school for people to come every Sunday.  They understand the importance of making sure that people know how to get in the building as well as where to park once they get to the school where we meet.  You see she is one the people that makes it possible for us as a church to engage people so they can experience life change in Jesus.  If you are unsure where you should serve on the Dream Team then I want to encourage you to be come to the Elevation offices and check out the Discover Workshops that we make available each month.  It will open your eyes to the place where you can make the most impact. Get on the Dream Team!


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