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What about tattoos?


This last week it came to my attention about a bill board in Texas that had a picture of Jesus with tattoo’s on it.  The whole thing had become something of a conversation starter, even so much that it was talked about on a local radio station.  A radio station that my brother works at here in Denver.  So I was asked to give my opinion about what I thought about the billboard and the website that went with it.  The website is if you want to check it out.

So I got on and shared that I loved the work that this group of people were doing in Texas and that the whole thing should be seen as great way of reaching people with the radical grace of Jesus.  But then the radio host, a man that I am really enjoying to get to know mentioned that I had tattoo’s and that I should share about the verse that I have tattooed on my right arm.  You see the radio host had tattoos also.  So I went on to share the verse and to share why I thought it was important to have this verse tattooed on my arm.  It was awesome to be able to share this with the people that were listening and to continue to talk about Jesus with the radio host.

But then later that day I get an email that proceeds to question me about who I thought I was to promote tattoos. That as a Christian did I really think that it was Holy to have tattoos?  To me this was the prime example of what was happening with the billboards in Texas. The people that are supposed to be followers of Jesus are more worried with tattoos then they are the people that have them and their relationship with Jesus or if they even have a relationship with Jesus.

I pray that my tattoos continue to make followers of Jesus uncomfortable and that they continue to create conversations with people that don’t follow Jesus.  For me the issue is not the tattoo but Jesus and do you have a relationship with Him.

Please take the time to watch this video and then tell me what you think. Go to the website up above.


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