Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Sunday Night Thoughts


Each week I get to be a part of something amazing.  I am fortunate that over three years ago this last week that God called us to start Elevation here in Aurora.  So this morning just like I have for the last three years I got up and went to a school and helped other Elevation Team-mates get things ready for our experiences.  But there was something different about this morning at least for me:

  • I saw our band there and excited about the possibilities of the morning with a new song.
  • I heard people talking about the friends and family members that they invited to Elevation.
  • I met people that had not been to church since they were kids but felt they needed to be at Elevation for something new.
  • I spoke with Dream Team members at Elevation that are excited about the part they get to play in reaching people.
  • I saw God move on the hearts of people that were able to understand that coming together and worshipping Him is an exciting and powerful thing.

Each week at Mrachek Middle School I get to be a part of something amazing.  What if each week you were amazed at being a part of what you do? What if you were confident that what you were doing is what God had called and prepared you to do?  Don’t you think that would change your view point?

What do you need to do this week to find out what you can do to make that happen?


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