Living the crazy life that God has given me!

On The Steps!

The Steps of Mrachek Middle School

A couple of Sunday mornings ago I was just wrecked by what we found on the top of these stairs at Mrachek Middle School.  You see it was a typical Sunday morning for me, I got up early.  Took out the street signs for the church that morning, praying over each sign as I put it in place.  Then I drove back to the school and begin helping the different teams that we have setting up for the experiences that we offer at Mrachek Middle School as a portable church.  There was the typical conversations going on over the music that we have playing while things are getting put into place.  I have to be honest it is really fun to be with every one while they are setting up.  But then Morgan my daughter came over to me and said, “Dad I found something when I was taking out the trash.  There are feet sticking out at the top of the stairs outside the school.”

With that comment I immediately went walking very quickly to where she had seen the feet.  I told her to stay at the bottom of the stairs and told her if I tell you to get help do it quickly.  So as I cautiously walked up the stairs I noticed that it was not just one set of feet but two.  I noticed that there was a bike leaning against the wall at the top and that there as I cleared the top stair were two high school aged boys laying there.

My first thought and pray was please God don’t let them be dead, because the way they were laying was very odd.  So I quietly as not to startle them said, “Hey Guys are you okay?”  There was no movement at all, but by this time I could see there breath coming out as it was one of our first cold nights.  I again said the same thing only this time I shook the foot of one of the boys and I spoke a little bit louder.  They both moved and looked at me with sleepy and very bloodshot eyes.  I asked them if they were okay and if they wanted to come in and get something to eat and drink or to even to just warm up.  But they both sheepishly said’ “No”.  I asked again and they said, “No”.  I then turned and walked down the stairs to see my daughter there standing before me.  By the time I had walked back into the school I was overwhelmed with a series of thoughts here are the top three:

  • Why didn’t any of us notice that they were there? (Other then my daughter Morgan who came after others were already in the building.)
  • Where were their parents? Were they looking for them?
  • What could I have done differently?

Then through all that I started thinking about Jesus and how in the bible it shares his perspective on those that are lost:

Luke 19:10 (NLT) 10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

I thought about how every day that you and I walk around our neighborhoods and we don’t notice the feet of those that are missing out on a relationship with Jesus.  I thought about how God being the good dad that he is says in Psalm 23 that he is pursing us.  I thought about how I need to be more intentional when it comes to not just running through life and that I need to stop and look around for the feet at the top of the stairs.

What are you doing in your life when it comes to looking for the feet at the top of the stairs?


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