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Sunday Night Thoughts

Coffee & Cookies

It has been a long week of some amazing meetings and some amazing opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.  We also have had Kurt and Austin Ervin with us as we were able to celebrate with the University of Northern Colorado “Live Like Austin” day. Then we were honored to have Kurt share with us at Elevation about his time here in Colorado and all that happened with the “Live Like Austin” weekend.  But here were a few of the special things that happened from my viewpoint:

  • We had Mike with us who has moved here to work on the VA hospital. Mike is someone that I met while in Las Vegas and is a great guy. Looking forward to getting know him more.
  • At Elevation we are excited to say that we have added at least four more people to the Dream Team.  It is so exciting to see people learn about their passions and gifts and then turn them lose to be able to share them.  The Dream Team is what makes each of our Sundays possible.
  • This weekend we were able to confirm  that God is leading us to really do some new and creative things as a church team.
  • Michelle and I had coffee and cookies with a great new couple that has been attending Elevation this last month at the ‘Welcome Dessert”.

I am so excited about this coming week and the beginning of this month.  We are going to be celebrating our three year anniversary the first Sunday of October.  Then we are going to be having our “Rocktoberfest” on Halloween night at Mrachek Middle School. I can’t wait to share with you about more and more happening at Elevation.


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