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Sunday Night Thoughts

The team that God has brought to Elevation.

The team that God has brought to Elevation.

Tonight, was a great night as Gregg and I team taught the “Discover Your Church Team” at Elevation.  It also aloud me to think about the things that we experienced today as a church team.  Especially when I heard people that have been attending for just a short while talk about Elevation and the people that make up our team.

  • The people on your Ekidz Team really do a great job of making sure that are kids are safe and have fun.
  • We love the music and the band they are really excited about what they are doing and how they do it.
  • We had a lady take us to where the coffee and doughnuts were and then made sure we knew where the bathrooms were. I needed to use the bathroom but was embarrassed to ask.
  • Had a lady share on FB that she came to church by herself because her husband was working and she let her kids sleep in.  But then we she got home and her high school girls let her know that they wanted to go with her.  She said, “I love that my girls love our church as much as we do.”
  • Had someone share that they feel like that God is talking to them every time they come to an experience.

The awesome thing about this is it is all because of the Dream Team that we have serving at Elevation each week.  There is not one person that can take credit for all of this. (Other then Jesus.) We are blessed to have so many talented people serving at Elevation in the place where they feel gifted and created to serve.  Just like the 1992 Dream Team that played in the Olympics for the United States.  That team was the best of the best and they each new the part that they were to play on the team.  Just like the team mates at Elevation.  They are not trying to do it all they are just trying to do it well and make sure people know they do it because of Jesus.  This is a thank you to all the people that serve at Elevation on the Dream Team you make it possible to do what we do.

If you are a part of a church team what is the best thing that you get to do each week?


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