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Remembering Today A Year Ago!

Remembering a year ago.

Remembering a year ago.

Today it has been one year since the horrendous shootings at the Aurora Century 16 Theaters.  It is a weekend that will forever be etched in my mind and heart.

It started at 1:30 in the morning when all of the Bloyer Family phones began buzzing away.  There were text messages and phone messages asking if we were okay and if we were all at home.  Seeing how we are a famliy that normally goes to midnight showings of new movies.  But since we were all tired from doing different things we decided to stay home.  But that can not be said for many of our friends and teammates here in Aurora.

After numerous phone calls and text messages Michelle and I could not stay in bed in any longer.  So as we sat and watched the different reports throughout the early morning we knew we could not sit any longer. So along with Gregg Barbour or worship pastor he and I headed out for a long day doing what we could for the people of Aurora.  Handing out bottles of water, praying with hurting family members, and supporting the school staff at Gateway High school.  All with the hope and prayer that it would some how make a difference in the community that we cared for so much.

I know that through out this last year we have heard of so many heroic deeds that came from that day.  From the police officers and their response to the wounded that night.  To those in the theater that gave their lives for the sake of others.  Then to those that have lost loved ones and how they are not letting thier loved ones lives be remembered by one day.  They are caring for others or making sure that those who survived are being taken care of to this day.

All I know is that in one event a city was brought together and showed how strong it really could be.

Romans 12:21 “Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”


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