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Quit going it alone! (part 4)

We need more of these in church planting.

We need more of these in church planting.

As was sitting in the room at the Preaching and Teaching Conference at Ozark Christian College preparing to talk to students about church planting. The talk that I was about to give was called “Church Planting is for Quitters“.  I thought about the weeks and months that lead up to the start of Elevation. I was fortunate to be able to go through all of the faces of people who were and are a part of the team that makes up Elevation. (Faces because I am horrible with names, hit in the head too much.)

When we were preparing to start Elevation in Aurora, CO. I had prayed and fasted that God would bring together a team of people who would see the opportunity to be a part of the vision and mission of church that would, “Engage jacked up people so that they could become followers of Jesus.” It is one of the areas that I carry the most concern for when it comes to church planters.  That they are willing to get a group of people to be the team that starts a church in an area.  Especially people who are living in that area.  That have an invested connection to the place where the church is going to start.  We were fortunate to have people be a part of the church planting team, but we were more blessed when we started to see people in the community that saw the vision and mission of church as a need for their community.

I have always heard the business statement, “Get the right people on the bus.” I truly believe that is a great statement. But I believe it is way more important to “Get people on the bus.” Especially as a church planter to get people on the bus from the community that you are starting a church in. I love the verse in 1 Samuel 14:8 where Jonathan and his armor bearer are about to get in the battle:

“All right then,” Jonathan told him. “We will cross over and let them see us

Even though Jonathan was the son of the king and was the one that was leading this charge into enemy territory.  He included his armor bearer in that amazing statement.  When it comes to church planting and church planters we need to really see the need to quit going alone.  We need to continually look at how we can bring others along with us into the battle.

Who are you bringing along with you into the battle?


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