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Church Planting is for Quitters

We need more quitters, less quitting.

We need more quitters, less quitting.

I had the amazing opportunity to spend the beginning of this week at Ozark Christian College for the Preaching and Teaching Conference.  I enjoyed being able to talk to mostly college students about church planting and why it is for QUITTERS.  Here are the areas that I think church planters are quitters and it is my hope that people who are going to church plant or are thinking about church planting will be a quitter too.

You see the more I look at our communities the church is quitting.  There is a difference between being a quitter and quitting.  Quitting means that you totally quit all together when it comes to life and all that God has called you to do in your community.  That is why the statistics about churches and church planting are so frustrating.  Like the following:

  • There is not one county in the US were Christianity is increasing.
  • 50% of evangelical churches didn’t have one person say Yes to Jesus in the last year.
  • 14% of churches are growing at all.
  • 2% of churches nationally are growing by conversion growth.
  • More churches close each year than bars. (Just learned that from the Bar Makeover Show)

This is what I see as quitting.

But church planters are quitters and here are some of the ares that church planters are QUITTERS:

  • Quit focusing on the numbers in the church, focus on the numbers that are outside the church.
  • Quit waiting to move, when God calls MOVE.
  • Quit going it alone, take people with you.
  • Quit listening to other voices other than God.

I am so excited about the church planters that are about to take off and do what God has called them to do.  The way that I see it we need to “Quit to continue and continue to Quit.”  If we don’t continue to be quitters then eventually we will just be quitting.

Today how are you going to quit?

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  1. Nicely done. I think this could be “ministry is for quitters.” We recently did a study and discovered that we have 130,000 people within driving distance of our church that are not connected to a church or possibly God. Good post.

    March 1, 2013 at 11:52 AM

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