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Know just don’t DEMO your community

One of the things that every church planter is told is to know the demographics of their community. I think that is great it gives you an idea of the people that are there if you don’t live in the community. But the problem with that is some people just stop there and that is as far as they get about knowing the community. Like over the last couple of months I have had church planter after church planter let me know that they are going to be planting in certain area of Denver.  They look at the demographics and they see money, they see certain people, and they see demographics.  But what they don’t see is that this is an area where every school has a church plant already in it.  But that is not in the demographics.

We need to know our communities not just DEMO the communities. Unfortunately that is what we are seeing in Colorado as church plant after church plant comes in plants a church. Then disappears after two years and the money runs out. Even the unchurched people in our communities are taking notice of the churches that come and go. I heard two weeks ago from someone in the community, “Why would I get involved in a church start here. They come and go.”

So as I talked with another leader about church planting in Colorado the comment was made that church planters need to come in and get a job. That for the very first six months a church planter they should have a job while they are  preparing their prospectus for the church that will be in the community. That the church planter needs to know the community not just read demographics.  Maybe if that were to happen we would have more church plants asking about places where it is not cool to start a church. Maybe if that were to happen the church plants that start through out America would be reaching the people that need to be reached with the radical grace of Jesus Christ.

What are some other ways that we can know our community other then just demographics?


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