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Don’t Break the MAC!

As a church planter that is all about portable I wanted to share something special with you.  If you are church planter, worship leader in a portable church, or someone that just wants to be able to care for their Mac.  This is the bag for you. Our Worship Pastor at Elevation Christian Church Greg Barbour did the work to find this for you.  I mean let’s be honest when you purchase a Mac you make an investment and you want to care for that investment.

Well we have one for our Worship Presentation and for video editing that we do on Sunday.  But we were just using the box that came with the computer. (Really smart right?) After a conversation about caring for what we have and making sure it we honor God.  The following website is what we found.  This is company in France has created an awesome bag that will enable you to care for your Mac while you are on the move.  If you are a church on the move then here is a great place to go and care for your equipment.  Make sure that you let them know that Elevation told you about them.

Let us know if there are other items that you know about that makes being portable easier?


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