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Sunday Thoughts shared on Monday

After Sunday mornings as the lead pastor at Elevation Christian Church in Aurora, CO I always am excited. This Sunday is no different! I was able to watch and see things that only some people in a church start get to dream about:

  • 6 people put their faith and trust in Jesus Chirst.
  • We had over 40 people serving in different places through out the church.
  • We had 6 first time guest and 6 second time guests hang out with us.
  • We had 31 people make commitments to memorize verses in the bible.
  • We had fun as our worship team played, WAR. (Flashback to Roller skating.)
  • We had another back pack come in for Save Our Youth partners totally 79. The goal was 61.

Each day and each week I thank God that I get to be involved with Elevation.  I am so thankful that I get to work with the team that I get to work with everyday.  There are guys that God has put in my life that have allowed me to really start to lead at the church the way that God has called me to lead.  I am so excited as we head into this fall and all that God has for us.

Let me now what you see God doing in the church that you attend.


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  1. Karin Kiewel

    I also go to Elevation Christian Church in Aurora. I see a sense of unity coming from the people at Elevation. I don’t know if it was the shootings, but the community of Elevation CC has pulled together to help others and proclaim the name of Jesus to our communities around us, in spite of the war going on. I see strength in numbers. It’s making me, for one, stronger in the Lord. I praise God for the community of Elevation Christian Church in Aurora!

    August 6, 2012 at 7:46 PM

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