Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Read and Run Required

Over the last couple of weeks I have really taken the time to make sure that there are two things that are becoming more an more of a priority in my weekly schedule.  It is reading and it is running.  What I have found is that these two things are important to my sanity and my future as a leader in the church.  So here is what I am doing to make sure that they happen.

When it comes to running I have made a goal of wanting to run in the Boulder-Boulder next spring.  For me I know that I have to have a goal to aim for when it comes to running. Like several years ago I had been challenged to run the P.F. Changs Half Marathon well with that goal and the challenge I ended up running the halp marathon in Phoenix.  This time part of the challenge is to be able to run the race that God has placed before me when it comes to leading Eleavation.  If I am not healthy and I am not taking care of myself physically I won’t finish well. So I plan my days of running each week and I even use an app that enables me to track how I am doing.  This is not only enabling me to be healthy physically but also to be healthy mentally it is a great stress release.  The run is becoming a requirement. (Jeff Maness inspired)

Then there is the reading I am doing now.  I have a Kindle Touch and for those of you like me that are bookaholics it is like giving a book a of matches to a Pyro. Not good.  But it has enabled me to be more effective with my reading as well as keeping notes during my reading.  But I have made reading a priority for me to continue to learn in many different areas.  I can quote Rick Warren, “Leaders are learners when you stop learning you stop leading.”  So I have been using the time that I have around the house reading and reading with focus. Making sure that I have my time in the morning with my bible, then reading for a half hour.  Then in the evening I make sure that I go up to my bedroom at least a half hour before I am going to sleep and read some more.  This enables me to focus as well as accomplish a lot more with in the week.

So I pray that if you are in a season where you feel stuck then make a Read and Run requirement in your life.  If you are a person that is needing an opprotunity to get prepared for a new step in leading then make a Read and Run requirement in your life.  The only thing that needs to happen is for you to make a choice to go for it. Set a goal and live for the future. If there is a way that I can encourage you to Read and Run then let me know.

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