Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Sunday Night Thoughts

There are moments in life and working in a church that you just have to be able to share with others.  We have been able to see God do some really amazing things through out the last couple of weeks. But on Sunday was one of those days that was just overwhelming and awesome.

  • We started our “Elevation at the Movies” series and talked about our orignal parents Adam and Eve and how our “Our Parents past points to our possible future”.
  • Sunday we had 10 people give their lives to Jesus.  Several of these people had never attended church in their life.
  • Sunday we had 5 guys take the step of Baptism. In fact one of the young men that was baptized decided right then and there and was baptized in his clothes. His mom was overwhelmed and in tears.
  • We had 30 first time guests for our “Elevation at the Movies”. The people of Elevation really stepped up and invited their friends and family to join us.

We know that as a church that has only been around for 20 months we are celebrating 92 baptisms and that God is doing something incredible in and through us.  So I am excited to be able to take the next couple of weeks away and focus on what we will be doing in the coming year.  We know that there is more and more to come when it comes to being the church that is going to, “Engage the world to elevate the name of Jesus one life at a time.”


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