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Signing Day with my Son

It has been a a very intense couple of weeks while my son Tyler walked through deciding which college that he wanted to attend.  We made a trip to Adams State College in Alamosa, CO and met some amazing coaches.  It was a great weekend with my son and one of the other players from Rangeview as they walked through the campus.  It was fun to see the different perspectives they each had about the school and being a future student there.

Then the next week we spent a day at the University of Colorado in Greeley.  It was a first class day with a first class program.  The head coach at the school is an amazing man and I believe a coach that is getting ready to make a difference in this schools football program.  Along with the other coaches that are there I think this program is heading in an amzsing direction. But it was not up to me. It was a decision that Tyler had to make on his own. So we left Greeley came home and began the process of preparing for signing day.

On Sunday afternoon I thought that Tyler had fallen asleep so I opened his door to walk in and turn off his radio. But to my surprise he was sitting at his desk with the two hats of the two schools that he had visited with the pens across the bills. There in front of the two hats was his bible opened up to Psalms and Tyler was praying over the two hats. He was really seeking what God wanted in this decision.  So I slowly shut the door and returned to the living room to share with Michelle what I had just seen.  It was a moment that I will keep in my heart as a dad. In fact to me that was even better then the moment that I watched him sign his letter of intent. Signing day with my son was a day that I saw a young man take to heart the direction that God had laid on his heart and he took an amazing step of faith. I am so proud of the man that my son is and I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming years while he is playing football and attending the University of Colorado.

This is what I found on my son's desk.


2 responses

  1. Kim

    Sooo amazing when God answers the prayers we’ve prayed over the years for our children. Good for Tyler for knowing Who truly guides his life…

    February 2, 2012 at 10:56 AM

  2. Kathy Hopkins

    WOW! Your family practices what they preach! You & Michelle must be so happy they are following Christ in all areas in their lives!

    February 2, 2012 at 12:32 PM

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