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Three Things that will Change your Week!

Need a boost to your week? Want to know something that just might change your week? Well here are 3 things that I want to share with you that I think will change your week.

#3 – God has blessed us with more then we need. We’re rich. But we will not trust in our riches, but in Him who richly provides. 

Yes, this is the statement that we have been walking through this last month in our series “How to be Rich.”  But I want to give you a practical way for you to share with others of how God has blessed you.  This Saturday at the GRUDGE Training Center they are having a Turkey Drive for the Denver Rescue Mission and they gave us a call to be a part of it.  Last year they had people bring 24 turkeys, they are hoping for 30 this year.  This is a great opportunity to help people in need on Thanksgiving as well as build a relationship with some people who have yet to say YES to Jesus.  The GRUDGE Training Center is one of the world’s most well know MMA training facilities and the owners are people that we have been building relationships with over the last year.  It is our hope that we can show them what team Elevation is all about.  So from 11:00AM – 2:00PM you can drop off Turkey’s and other non-perishable items at Grudge Training Center 4298 Kipling St. Unit B Wheat Ridge, Colo. 80033.  Please make sure that when you show up, you let them know you are from Elevation.

#2 – Christmas is only 38 days away. (This is good or bad depending on how you look at it.)

We are excited to share with everyone that we are going to be having our first ever Christmas Eve services at Elevation.  We are planning two gatherings on December 24th that start at 4:30PM and then at 6:00PM. We cannot wait to spend this Christmas Eve together and be able to invite all of our friends and family to celebrate the birth of Christ.  But with that being said, we also want you to know that means we will not have gatherings on Christmas.  Christmas this year falls on a Sunday and from the very beginning we have always said that relationships matter here at Elevation.  So we would rather you be with family & friends on Christmas morning then setting up at the school.  So NO SUNDAY GATHERINGS on December 25th, we will meet again on the 1st of January to celebrate the New Year and new opportunities for 2012.

#1 – We are starting a NEW tradition at Elevation this year.

We believe that this last year has been amazing. We have seen over 100 people say Yes to Jesus. We have baptized 60 people this year and we still have one more Baptism Celebration next month on December 11th. (SIGN-up now in the E-Lounge)  It has been so exciting to see all of this happen.  BUT, we believe that next year is going to be even more amazing.  That is why this year we are starting the Elevation IMPACT offering. At the end of every year we are going to be taking an IMPACT offering to help make an impact on certain areas of ministry that we believe will make a huge difference when it comes to our vision and mission.  So this year we have set a goal of $20,000.  Within this $20,000 we have money designated for improving the quality of our EKidz ministry at Elevation. We have within this goal money designated to make sure that our online video messages are going to be better, so that more and more people can see gatherings online. We also have money designated for equipment improvements in the Worship and Arts Ministry like a new computer to run our presentation software. No more videos where the sound doesn’t match the picture.  Then finally, we are designating money that is going to go directly to the improvement of the facilities of Miracle House in Kenya. This is an offering that will be above and beyond our regular tithe and it means that we can make a huge impact on the next year.  You can start this Sunday by writing on the envelope IMPACT offering, we will receive money for this offering all the way up to the first Sunday of the New Year.  Remember that you need to pray about this and then you just need to make sure that you mark it as an IMPACT offering on your envelope.

Thank you for reading this and I hope and pray that this has changed your week for the better as we move forward with all God is doing in and through Elevation.


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