Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Seven Eleven Prayer Experience

Make sure you take the time to pray.We are asking you to pray at 7:00 for Eleven minutes. It could be seven in the moring or seven at night, or both.  We want to unify the Elevation team in prayer for all that God is doing and is going to do in the life of our church. Here are some areas that you can be praying for:

  • Pastor Scott and his family; protection and peace.
  • Elevation Leaders that they seek Jesus in all that they do. (A-Team, Volunteer Staff, Team Leaders, Community Group Leaders)
  • For Life Change every time we ahve a service  (That people will respond to the gospel everytime.)
  • Team Members of Elevation with all that goes on in life. (Check people and request through the Online Community)
  • Elevation Prison Campus (Finances and Volunteers)
  • Elevation Fort Collins Campus (Finances and Volunteers)
  • 5 Friends that you know need a relationship with Jesus.
Prayers of God’s people are used to change the world.  Begin the battle in prayer!

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