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Power of Life Change

Came to Morgan's Volleyball Game

We love having Justin as a part of our life.

I am so excited to share a short story of the power of life change through Jesus Christ.  Over a year ago now I had the opportunity to take an awesome guy named Justin “The Viking” Wren with me to visit some kids at Children’s Hospital of Aurora.  What I did not know was what Jesus had in store for both of us through this one event.  After our visit to Children’s Hospital of Aurora Justin went back to his home where he was convienced to go to a men’s event where at this event he gave his life to Jesus and was baptized.  The Justin that I had first knew now was definitely a life changed by Jesus.

Over the last year I have personally been able to spend time with Justin as he has become a great speaker, leader, and man of God.  He came and spoke at Elevation when we launched and now speaks with Champions for Life to thousands of prisoners each month presenting the message of life change so they can know.  He has made numerous visits to the Children’s Hospital of Aurora and is even now a volunteer there.  All the while of keeping his relationship with Christ first and his goal of someday being the UFC Heavywieght Champion.

So here is what I am asking people to do that read this.  I am asking you to continue in investing in this life change.  Justin in a couple of weeks is going to be embarking on a 55 day mission trip with Kingdom Builders.  I know that God had opened this door in an amazing way and is going to provide for Justin to go and continue to change and to help others, he is going to be helping build houses while in Hati.  So I would like to encourage each and everyone who read this to help support Justin first through prayer and secondly through your finances.  He is just short of the finances needed to pay for this awesome event and I am asking you to help.

Here is how: If you would like to know more about Kingdom Building Ministries, please visit their website at For any donations you can visit select student and type Justin Wren into the students box.

You can also go and find out more about this awesome man of faith at

Let’s continue to encourage the life change that started over a year ago.


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