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Nuclear Plants and Following Jesus

So just like the rest of the world I have been sitting by and watching as the power company tries to contain the nuclear waste that is coming from the power plant in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami.  It has been amazing to hear of the stories of different workers that are taking the time to work at the plant while they could lose their life.  But I have to be honest it made me think of churches and followers of Jesus.  While I have been praying for the people of Japan and watching the workers do their best it was at the gym this week that it all became clear.  An older woman walked by me this week wearing a shirt that said, “At my age exercise is damage control”.  I thought it was really funny that she was wearing it but then it made me think.  It is exactly what the workers are doing in Japan it is all just damage control.  The nuclear plant and all the people that are close to it are already starting to see and feel the damage to the plant.

I then thought of this when it comes to people that are followers of Jesus.  There are some followers of Jesus that go to church and go through the religous do’s and don’ts just for DAMAGE CONTROL.  They don’t see the need to follow after Jesus day after day. To being a follower of Jesus a lifestyle but more of damage control.  I pray that this week that those who are following after Jesus see that we are called to be the ones that are in the midst of life in struggle or in good times are always pointing to Jesus the Risen Savior of the world.


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