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Elevation and the Miracle Party

Yesterday we were so excited to be able to share with everyone the commitment that we are making to support as well as partner with the Miracle Party.  For those of you that do not know what the Miracle Party is then I would encourage you to click on the word Miracle Party and follow the link to their website.  It is an amazing event that is for children with cancer and it is an opportunity to love on the kids and their families.  So yesterday we gave to this organization for several reasons. We gave to this organization as a church because we are blessed to have the family that started the Miracle Party as a part of our team.  We gave because we wanted to be able to model what it means to be generous givers to those around us.  We gave because we believe that this is a great opportunity to not just give of our finances but our time and talent.  So we will be committing to serve before, during, and after the party.  We decided long ago that as a church we are not going to be a team that just gives a check but we are going to be giving of our time and talent too.  So if you are wanting too or are willing to serve as a volunteer at the Miracle Party then click on the word VOLUNTEER and show them your support.  We cannot wait to see what God does through this years Miracle Party and the families that we as Elevation come in contact.  We are praying for miracles at the Miracle Party.


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