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What the NFL & Players can learn from a marriage

I Want A New MarriageThis last Sunday Tom & Amanda Gould shared something with the people of Elevation Christian Church that the NFL & Players Union wish that they could do.  They made their relationship new again.  It was almost a year ago Tom said that he was done with their marriage.  He had moved out and was living in an apartment and was preparing for divorce.  But something happened.  Something enabled Tom & Amanda to start all over again.  It was the relationship that they both began with Jesus Christ.  You see Tom & Amanda had been to church and they had heard all the religious conversation, but they had never made their relationship with Jesus a priority.  Let alone that relationship with Jesus the center of their relationship.  Amanda shared that for a woman that their are two humbling things that occur in a womans life, child birth and a troubled marriage.  She went on to share that they she knew that other things had crept into their life that did not make the marriage the priority.

You see I think that as I watch the NFL and the Players fight away.  They to have lost the focus on what is important.  It is one word “relationship”.  They have unfortunately let other things take the focus away just like Tom & Amanda.  The only difference is that Tom & Amanda had the humility to see that they needed number one a relationship with Jesus and a relationship with each other centered in Jesus.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if those in the NFL would be able to do the same thing, humble themselves to see that a relationship is at stake here.  God saw it that is why He sent His son here to earth.  To reconcile the relationship between us and Him.

Maybe just maybe the NFL and the Players Union could learn something from Tom & Amanda as they point to Jesus the one who can and will help in our relationships.

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