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Children’s Hospital Visit

On Monday, January 31st I had the honor and privilege to walk around the Aurora Children’s Hospital some of the best and brightest MMA fighters and their trainers.  We had Brendan Schaub, Nate Marguart, Justin Wren, Jennifer Berg, Julio Gallegos, Ricky Vasquez, Alvin Robinson, Jason Lee, Luke Cadillo, Duane Ludwig and then there was Trevor Wittman his wife Christina Wittman, Ron Kruck, Jonathan Chaimberg, and many other amazing guys. A big part of the day was to help Fight Ribbon continue to share their message of hope for cancer patients and Brent Thompson and Scott Wells came prepared with t-shirts and wristbands that we were able to hand out to everyone we ran into during the day.

What I saw was a group of guys and gals that were not only there willing and able to share hope with kids and their families but they were also human beings that were affected by the hurt and suffering that they encountered in every room.  I am still amazed at the ignorance of some people that think these individuals are some hardened crazed bulldogs that just want to fight with everyone in the world.  When in all reality they are husbands, fathers, wives, and friends that are trying to do a job as well as become a champion in their weight class.  So they train and they train hard.  But on this day they chose to leave their training to see kids that are sick and hurting.  What most people will never see or have known is there were guys that had to leave rooms because they were broken with what they saw.  That there were guys that shed tears for some of the kids they met because they saw the faces of their own children in the rooms.  That they were so upset that these little kids were there sick with a disease that still doesn’t have a cure, cancer.

I was also proud that I was able to watch some of the people that attend Elevation walk along with these guys and make sure that they were able to focus on the kids that wanted to see the fighters.  It was a great day and I can’t wait to see this happen more and more so that we can encourage kids to “Fight for Hope.”


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