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True Grit

Last week my wife and I went on our Thursday night date and we chose to go to see the movie True Grit.  I was excited to see this movie because I remember the original with John Wayne as a kid because my dad is an older movie fanatic.  But I knew that the story was going to be a little different because this one was to be more like the book then the previous film.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie it was a great time most importantly with my wife.

But there was a particular scene that really stuck with me and I have yet to really shake it.  It is where the character Rooster Cogburn is explaining to the character Maddie Ross about an encounter where he had to go up against four guys by himself.  In the conversation he said that he put the reigns in his teeth and pulled both pistols and went at them. (Which is the iconic scene of John Wayne)  But he goes on to say that he did it because he knew that if he attacked them first and went after them they would be confused and would run and he would be able to beat them.

I have been thinking ever since last Thursday that this should be the way that we live our lives as followers of Jesus.  We should be constantly taking on the enemy and not backing down.  We should be the ones that are going after the enemy and causing him to have to back down.  Not because we are stupid but because of Jesus we know that we don’t go alone.  We will always have the power of the living God in us as we go.  As followers of Jesus Christ we should be known for our TRUE GRIT.


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