Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Christmas Eve Anniversary

Today is a new anniversary for our family.  It has been one year today that we moved back to Colorado to be a part of Elevation Christian Church in Aurora, Colorado.  We drove into Aurora around 9:30 at night to a some-what empty rental home.  My kids were blessed with snow shovels in the garage from the family members that wanted to remind them of what kind of weather Colorado had. A small Christmas tree was in the room ok, on the counter and there were very special gifts left for us.  It was a great time of celebration opening gifts while we all sat on the barren floor.  It was also an amazing time of anticipation.  Where we as a family were excited to see what Jesus had in store for us when it came to life and the start of Elevation.

It has been an amazing year with school work, sports, jobs, and Jesus reaching people with the gospel.  There is no doubt that we can not wait to see what happens in this next year. Graduations, more school, more sports, and many more people saying yes to Jesus.

I personally want to thank everyone that has prayed, that has donated, that has moved, and has joined us on this journey to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.  There is no way that we could be where we are today without all of you.


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