Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Step Out in Faith

It is almost a year now since my family and I left Northern California and moved back to Colorado to start Elevation Christian Church.  There are tons of things that I wish I would have known before we started this adventure and there are tons of things that I am still learning every week.  But the things that we have learned over the last year we would have never experienced if we would have never stepped out on faith.

We left last year in the middle of my daughters junior year, my sons sophomore year, and our youngest’s seventh grade year.  Not the best time to move kids.  But I have been able to watch God grow these kids in ways that I would have never imagined.  It would have never happened if we had not stepped out in faith.

My wife has had to deal with conversations like, “I am not sure that we are going to be able to pay that this month.”  Or, “The money is going to be there I just believe it.”  All moms and wives know the pressure you feel to make sure your kids are taken care of and the bills are paid.  I know that for her this has been an amazing growing opportunity to see God show up and provide.  We would have never experienced this had we not stepped out on faith.

I have taken jobs and tried things that I never would have probably taken in the past.  I have had the privilege to have conversations with guys and gals that I knew a long time ago about who Jesus is and what He has done and is doing in my life.  I have had to learn how to lead in areas that I thought I was already prepared to lead, which I am not.  I have learned that all of the Lead Pastors that I have served under were amazing men and that I was prepared by each one of them to do what I am doing today. But I would have never experienced this if I had not stepped out in faith.

I think this goes very well with this time of the year.  There was a young girl that stepped out in faith a couple thousand years  ago when an angel appeared to her and let her know that she was going to have a very special baby.  This is how she responded, ” Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant , and I am willing to accept whatever He wants.” Luke 1:39a What a way to respond to God when He called her to step out in faith.

The question that I have for you is, “What is Jesus calling you to do so that you step out in faith?”  You will never be able to experience the amazing things that He has for you until you do. STEP OUT IN FAITH!


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