Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Thoughts about Sunday . . .

Well, we had another great Sunday at Elevation.  It was so great watching people show up in their different costumes.  Our whole music team dressed as a 70’s band the leaders in the Children’s ministry dressed as well.  Then during the service we had all of the children parade through the service and cheered them on we had a mom share that her son said this is the most fun he has had.  What a great thing to hear from a family that doesn’t normally go to church.

  • We had someone share about their previous struggles and wants to now share how Christ changed their life.
  • We were encouraged by several family members that said that the series we did for men was great and they are seeing a difference in the men.
  • We as a team are seeing more people get involved and get signed up for Community groups.
  • I was encouraged by the men that had breakfast together at Village Inn.  It was awesome.
  • We saw 15 people say Yes to Jesus over the last month.  It is so awesome to hear people say that they can’t wait to invite their friends to our next series called “No Perfect People Allowed”.

It is awesome that every step of the way we are able to see families enjoy the time that they spend together at Elevation.  It was also awesome to have a great friend Dan Bethel with us, love how God uses such special people to encourage us along the way. (Sorry Joy you didn’t feel good)  The anticipation that we have as a team for the next couple of months is so incredible, in fact after every Sunday I can’t wait to see what happens on the next.  Jesus is changing lives and being lifted up in Aurora, Colorado.  The people at Elevation are incredible and I feel blessed to be the pastor of this team.


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