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It was 14 years ago that I was sitting in a little church in Versailles, MO.  It was going to be the first time that I was going to be preaching at the church since the Sr. Pastor was away.  I got dressed up in my best coat and tie preparing for the morning.  I was ready I had worked all week on the message, I had read it over and over, I even figured out some of the meanings of the greek and hebrew words.  I wanted to make sure that I was ready to go.  My wife had even sat down right in the front so that she could encourage me during the morning.  All I know is that once the music began playing and I was situated up front on the little preacher pew I started to sweat.  I even started feeling a little sick. But sitting up there with me was a very special man.  His name was Dr. Kellogg from Southwest Seminary he was there to help out with the service so I did not have to do everything that morning.  The pastor knew that I could not handle it all at the beginning.

So while the music director was leading one of the hymns Dr. Kellogg leaned over and asked me some questions.  First he asked, “Is this your first time preaching son?”  I answered yes with out throwing up on the stage.  He leaned over again and asked, “Are you nervous?”  I answered again yes this time, realizing that I must look really bad.  He then leaned over and made a statement this time; “Why are you nervous.  No one came to hear from you.”  Wow, what a statement all I did was sit there and look at him smiling.  Did I stop being nervous, heck no.  But that statement has hung with me ever since. One of the things that I always seek to do is make sure that the word that people walk away with are from Jesus, not me.  Over the years that statement has meant more and more to me.  It has encouraged me to always remember who is the most important voice in a service and that is Jesus.

Here is where Dr. Kellogg talked to me


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