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Cancer the Best thing

Over the weekend at Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina they shared a video about a man, a family, and cancer.  As I watched this video I was extremely moved.  Check it out and then read some more afterward . . .

I want to thank Zac Smith for sharing his story with us and the rest of the world.  As I watched this I was deeply moved as a husband and a father but most of all as a follower of Jesus.  There are so many times that I am so concerned with what is going on in my life that I allow it to take away the heavenly perspective that I am supposed to have.  Whether it is money, parenting, marriage or starting a church I can allow myself to lost the real focus of my life, to honor God with all that I am.  To hear a man say “Cancer is the best thing that has happened to me” truly challenges my faith and my own personal focus.  Would I be able to respond the way that Zac has?

Today I ask you to first pray for a healing Zac’s body.  Then I ask you to pray that you and I both will have a focus like Zac.


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