Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Fast and Food

Last week I felt God asking me to take a step and try something that I had not done before.  I felt the need to fast for the whole week from Monday through Friday.  I felt that this was an opportunity to really rely on Him as well as to see what it is like to live like most of the world that we inhabit.

Monday was no problem I thought to myself this is not gong to be that bad at all.  By Tuesday afternoon I had such a raging headache that I thought that I was going to need to get rid of something, like my head.  I have to be honest that Jesus and I were then beginning to have some serious conversations.  I had now not had any food or coffee in at least 48 hours, I realized that I had much more of an addiction to coffee then I thought.  Wednesday the headache went away but I could feel that I was beginning to get a cold.  That was not what I was planning on.  Thursday was even more fun I had the opportunity to go down to the 16th street mall and meet with someone at the Cheesecake Factory.  THE CHEESE CAKE FACTORY! With all honesty it was not as hard as I thought not to eat that afternoon.  It was that night while watching “Survivor” with my family that I proceeded to count eleven commercials that focused either on restaurants or food.  Friday I was blessed to be able to spend some great time in extended prayer and I found myself focused on really being able to see some amazing things through the bible that applied to my life. Friday afternoon we went to the movie theater and we saw a movie, the popcorn smelled well let’s just say that it caused some stress.  So late Friday night my wonderful wife made me some scrambled eggs and I eased my way into eating food again.

It was a great experience and it is one that I pray I will continue and even extend in the near future.  It was an opportunity to seek Jesus in an amazing way and gave me some clarity like I had never had before.  Let me ask you “What are you willing to give up to grow closer to Jesus?”  “What are you willing to sacrifice?”  Because He sacrificed a lot to get closer to us.

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