Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Music Monday

The story goes that Chris Botti used to play for Sting while he was touring and they became great friends.  Well Sting seeing the talent that Chris had continued to encourage him to go out play on his own.  Chris not feeling that he would be able to do that kept staying on playing with Sting.  Until at some point Sting said, “If your not going to do it on your own then I will just have to fire you.” Now that is what I had heard and I am not sure if this is totally true but is does cause me to think.  Do you have people that believe in you so much that they are willing to FIRE you.  Ok, maybe they can’t fire you but do you have someone that believes in you that much.  We each need to have someone that sees that much in us.  Who is that person in your life today?  Take the time to enjoy Sting and Chris Botti perform a great song called “Seven Days”.

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