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Flight Attendant Gospel

I love being on airplanes when the flight attendant gives the emergency exit speech.  It amazes me at the different responses that people give to the flight attendant as they share with them probably at the time the most important information that they need.  Some of the responses that I have seen are the following:

  • Go to sleep before the speech even begins.
  • Grab the exit information card and flip through it then put it away.
  • Pay attention and follow through with the card.
  • I even caught one lady praying as the speech was being given (I hoped she didn’t know something)

What I love thinking about is that these are the same reactions that you can probably see when you go to a church.  There are those that show up for a good nap, some that give the bible a little look, then the others that are really there to pay attention and seeking to find out about what this important message is in their life. I challenge us to think is the reason that people react this way because of the message or the delivery.

“If you are going to bore people, don’t bore them with the Gospel. Bore them with calculus, bore them with earth science, bore them with world history. But it is a sin to bore them with the Gospel.” — Howard Hendricks


One response

  1. THIS is why I pay attention to the safety speech:

    February 2, 2010 at 12:22 AM

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