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Listen to Lead

One of the things that I have been really working at is listening to people as the talk to me.  Now you may be thinking well duh that is what you are suppose to do aren’t you?  Yes when someone is talking to you the goal is to listen, but there are so many times that I am catching myself thinking of what I need to say while they are talking.  So now you know what I mean by listening.  I need to listen all the way through what the person is sharing and then try to decide what I need to say.  I believe that this is a tool that everyone needs to be able to master if they expect to be a leader when it comes to knowing where people are at in their spiritual walk.

Job 12:11 (NLT)  Just as the mouth tastes good food, so the ear tests the words it hears.
What I hope and pray is that we are able to equip the people that are in Elevation to listen what people are really saying.  This will enable us to know and care for those around us that are seeking to know and grow in Jesus.  But for us to do it when need to listen to what people are saying and we need to ask questions to understand what they are looking for in this life.  Who are you listening today?  And the real question is what are they saying?  Allow your ears to test the words that they hear.

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  1. Marlene Stanton

    it is indeed very true,listening is a learned skill and digesting it and alighning it with His word is a gift from Him who is the creator and orchestrator of our lives.people will hear what the Lord wnts them to hear and they will come when the Lord say it is time.We do the sharing and leading according to His word and He will do the rest.Don’t worry what people are seeking just share as he commanded us,if our hearts are in His they will hear.God bless you and your family’s ministry.

    January 30, 2010 at 10:08 AM

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