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Luggage Language

I was recently traveling and while we were sitting still at the gate I was able to see the baggage handlers loading another plane that was docked next to us also still at the gate.  There were bags that were being left at the top of the stairs obviously that would not fit into the over head bins.  What I saw was the flight attendant place them nicely at the top of the stairs then go inside.  Then came the baggage handler and he chucked, slide, and tossed the luggage down a shoot to the cart.  In fact I saw one of the bags come flying out of the dangerous luggage slide of death to the pavement below.  I wanted to run out of the plane shouting; “Don’t you know what you are doing? That is someone’s belongings, don’t you care?”  It was at that moment that I was really convicted of a thought.  Isn’t that what you do Scott with your words.  You chuck them at people and don’t think about what they might do to someone.  This verse is what came to my mind:

Matthew 12:35 (NLT) A good person produces good words from a good heart, and an evil person produces evil words from an evil heart.

The part that always gets to me is not about the words but the “HEART”.  What people don’t realize is that the words that we choose every day and the things that we say to one another reflects what is going on in our heart.

How he handles luggage may be the way you handle your words.

I pray that this is an opportunity to for all of us to think about how we are speaking to one another.  May we see that the ways we sometime choose our words is no different then the way some people handle baggage.  What do you want people to hear from you?


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