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Emotions of an Empty House

Our house in California after we moved out.

Have you ever noticed the feeling you get while you are in an empty house?  Whether the house has just been moved out of or even if no one has ever moved in.  That there is just a different feeling that comes with an empty.

The question is what kind of emotion do you get about being in the empty house? Maybe you are the person that has emotions of anticipation.  Some people see an empty house and can envision the future parties that will happen there, they can see the family memories that will be created between Father and son or Mother and daughter.  They can even see the life change that comes with being in that house.

Maybe you are the person that has emotions of devastation.  That this house is a place that is void of life, that for some reason or another the family that once was there is now gone and never coming back.  Maybe that the house is empty because of the lose of someone’s life.

Which person are you?  Are you the person of anticipation of the person of devastation?  I think that we bring these same emotions with us to the places that we call church.  Now I want to be clear I use the church right now to refer to the building where many church bodies meet.  But at no time do I want people to think that I see the building as the church, the church is the people that make up that place.  But don’t you think people bring those emotions with them to church.  That either they are involved in a service in the anticipation of God showing up and doing something amazing.  OR  They come with the emotion that God is there laying and waiting to just devastate them.  Heard this statement; “If I were to show up at church God would strike me dead.” or “The building would probably cave in if I came to church.”

It is my prayer that we don’t see the devastation but the anticipation when it comes to the gathering of those that we call Elevation Christian Church their home.  And what I want people to know whether the house is full or whether the house is empty God is always there and able to show up and do what He wants, that we will not rate the ability of God by the availability of people’s butts in seats.  That we will always see that our time together will be held together with the emotion of ANTICIPATION.


2 responses

  1. Marlene Stanton

    An empty house for me is a place to start,you can create your own memories and relationship to cherish for later time.I happened to pass by your used to be your house,the doors were shut and the garbage cans were put aside.I felt that feeling of missing you guys but at the same time I thank the Lord for having an opportunity to meet you guys and share the excitement and anticipation of spreading His word.Physical bodies or presence do not fill the emptiness it is the relationships you built in it and the number of lives you touch.Being empty is an opprtunity to be filled up and that anticipation of who He will bring in to hear His word is exciting and gracious and merciful…..all those adjective that describes how our loving Father can and able to fill that emptiness and void in our hearts.God bless you all and have a bless NY.

    December 29, 2009 at 6:43 PM

  2. derek burton yo

    =( i miss you guys!

    January 12, 2010 at 5:41 PM

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