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Creative Worship

I find myself lately being more and more sensitive to what does it mean to “worship”.  For most of the western culture it is what we do on Sunday morning before we go home and watch sports where the “real worship” happens.  It is also seems “worship” is tied to the music that we sing, whether hands are lifted up in the air, or if it is from a book of songs, or on a projector.  We have created such a christian culture of worship that I wonder if we are really worshipping at all.  What if worship was the way that you spent your day?  What if worship was the job that you went to everyday?  What if worship was being the dad or mom that your kids so desperately need and want?  What if . . .

As I read this last week in the book “Primal” this statement really has been bouncing around in my heart: “Have you ever noticed how many times Psalms tells us to sing a new song? That creative command is repeated no fewer then half a dozen times.  Evidently God gets tired of old songs.  He doesn’t just want you to worship Him with your memory; He wants you to worship Him with your imagination. Love isn’t repetitive. Love is creative.  As love grows you need new lyrics and new melodies.  You need a new song to express new dimensions of love.”

What if the new song that you were to write was with your life?  What if the notes where the actions of your day?  What it the song was the way that your life impacted another’s and that life then impacted another and became strong along through out the week like the notes on a page.  As I continue to walk through my life I wonder am I more living, loving, or worshipping God out of what I have already experienced compared to what I could experience.  The question that I have chewing on is “What if worshipping God was less about the song and note. And more about the action and heart that came with life?  What if we were able to use our imagination to see worship more outside of the hour on Sunday and more about the other 24 hours that we spent living life?

May you today live a life of creative and imaginative worship through out your day.


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